August 30, 2007

telephone book results.

I counted them last night while watching hgtv and waiting for my husband to get home from flying. If you don't know what I'm talking about, scroll down.

I cheated a little bit. I ended up counting one column on each page and then multiplying that number by 4.

The end result?

24,640 names.

Did the prof really expect me to count these one-by-one??

another one to make you cry.

This one starts off rather slow and it almost lost my attention...but...just wait for it. You won't be disappointed.

August 29, 2007

you gotta be kidding.

One of my grad classes requires us to conduct research in order to learn the effects of mass media on its audience. I'll spare you the boring details.

Part of the research involves calling people and conducting over-the-phone surveys concerning national news broadcasts.

Tonight we got the ball rolling on the project. The professor handed us each a clump of pages he tore from the Little Rock phone book. That is when we got our first "assignment" of this whole process: Count each and every name that is listed in the pages he handed to us. All 61 of them. Pages. Of telephone book sheets. 61. Two-sided. Pages. With names. Count them.


ok, maybe one little post...

Two things:

1. Aaron has discovered The Zone diet. My life has been hell for the past three days trying to count and multiply "blocks" of food. I hate this diet! I will support Aaron in it, but I refuse to weigh ounces of meat and cheese in hopes that they meet my 3-block requirement. It's a diet based on numbers, and I don't do numbers. Therefore, I don't do the Zone. Besides, I just got my Super Suppers cookbook in the mail two days ago and dangit, I want to cook real food!

2. We are going to attempt to paint our bedroom and the guest bedroom this weekend. I went to Lowe's, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart and got about 50 million samples to choose one color from. Oh, the choices! How will we ever decide on one color?? I'm hoping our painting experience will be a bonding moment and not one that will cause us to be annoyed/frustrated at each other. Sometimes home projects are anti-marriage projects. I guess we'll just have to find out! And yes, if we do choose to paint this weekend, I can guarantee before and after pictures.

Ok, back to the homework.

a whole lot of nothing.

I am up to my eyeballs in homework and research work right now or else I'd take few moments to post. But I have no time. I have nothing to say right now. Homework is calling. Wish it was the weekend. Brain hurts.

August 27, 2007

elementary 101.

If you're a faithful reader of this blog, you might have noticed something strange posted a few days back.

I said that I was interested in getting certified to teach elementary. What the crap!?

I don't know why this idea is in my head - it just is. I don't think I'd be a good elementary teacher and I don't even know how to deal with kids - yet, I want to get certified to teach elementary.

It just looks like so much fun. I need someone to bring me back to reality and tell me, "No, Cassandra, it's not fun! These little kids are just as bad as the big ones!!" Or aren't they?

I am going to sign up to take the EC-4 and 4-8 Generalists tests. I looked online at the practice test PDF's and holy cow, I didn't know how to answer one single question. That doesn't bode well, does it?

I want to get the elementary certification because I'm thinking long-term. I want to have endless available opportunities for work and I want to be marketable no matter where I go. I also want to get prepped for the elementary world because when and if we move back to Del Rio (cross your fingers!), I want to do nothing else but work at the school in which I grew up: St. James Episcopal. It is the most wonderful school on the planet (you get to go to church for the first hour of each day!) and I've always envisioned giving back something to the school that gave so much to me (sounds like a Hallmark commercial).

But seriously, I am scared out of my mind! What if I DO end up teaching elementary and am horrible at it? I have this fear that I won't be able to relate to those little kids. My knack for teaching comes through the sarcasm and dry humor I have used for the past two years with high school kids. They love it! But little ones won't understand me and my tactics. I'd probably end up just making them cry.

I'm in for it.

back in black.

I dyed my hair last night back to its natural color: dark dark dark brown.

I finally got sick of having black roots, silver strands in my bangs (yes, silver!), blonde highlights from months ago, and red streaks from the sun. Not cute.

It feels good to be me again!

God's messages for an unsuspecting me.

I dusted off my old Bible this evening to determine if I was right about Uriah being Bathsheba's husband. Turns out, I was. I can't believe I remembered such a funky name like "Uriah."

Anyhow, I started flipping through pages of this Bible. Oh goodness, did it bring back so many memories. I've had this Bible since 1996 -it was my first one. I used it all through high school and college and even up to about one year ago. The notes I scribbled in the margins of this book over the past 10 years are timeless.

The scribbles from junior high make me laugh, the ones from high school make me smile, the ones from college make me sad, and the ones from more recent years make me wise.

One scribble, however, stood out tonight. This scribble has never meant anything before - because when it was written, I was unaware of all the plans God had for me.

Next to I Corinthians 13:4-7, the most famous of all love verses, is the hand-written note: "Jan. 4, 2004. Ballinger, TX."

This means the sermon on those verses was presented to me in Ballinger, Texas on January 4, 2004. I don't know why, but I have always written down when and where sermons took place. I often wrote down who was preaching, too.

I know why I was in Ballinger on that day. I was attending church with the man I thought I was going to marry. All signs pointed to a "I Corinthians" kind of love. I still believe that we did have this kind of love, at one point. And I was also sure, through wind and rain, he and I would be together. and the Lord had other plans.

Painfully, I watched this relationship slip away. Then I met Aaron.

Aaron has given me that I Corinthians kind of love. In abundance. And I am so thankful. So why all the emphasis on that scribble next to words revealing the greatest of these?

January 4th is Aaron's birthday.

August 26, 2007

new story.

My second story of my new freelancing gig was published today. It was a good one. I wrote about a former colleague of mine at the high school, Mrs. Paula Rhodes. She and I taught side-by-side for the past two years and I consider her one of my friends. She's a pretty interesting lady! Click here to read the story.

You can click here (then jump to page 145) to see the print edition of the front page of the section and for some reason, the link to the jump page crashes every time I try to post it. Boo.

sleepytime: an update

After writing the post about Sleepytime Tea, I found myself nodding off at the computer screen about 20 minutes into the cup. Seriously. It worked! I slept very soundly (and deeply), except for waking up once to go to the bathroom - standard.

Last night, Aaron and I watched a movie with all the lights off in the living room and we drank a cup of "Tension Tamer." We both got very relaxed and I started nodding off before Aaron - which never happens! He slept the whole night through and I did too, except, of course, to go the bathroom at 3 a.m.

I wonder how much of this tea thing is in my head. It may work entirely on my subconscious, but whatever. It makes me feel relaxed and clean on the inside - does that make sense? All the herbs seems to really de-toxify your body. I don't know if that's all in my head, too. Oh well, it works.

Erica, I have heard about having "routine," and that's what Aaron does - and he sleeps like a baby each night. It only takes him about 10 minutes to fall asleep, too! I may have to start a routine, but that's so hard for me. I am anti-routine. I'll have to make it work, though....*sigh*

E, I have also heard that being on the computer late at night is not conducive to good sleep. Ain't that the truth?! Last night I DID not get on the computer before bed and found that it was a lot easier to fall asleep.

Thanks for all the advice, guys! It helped!!

August 25, 2007

sleepytime tea.

I have trouble sleeping...a lot. I will lie there for hours before falling asleep and then when I do finally get to sleep, I usually wake up about 3-4 times during the night to go to the bathroom. Also, any little noise can wake me up.

It's awful because it causes me to sleep so late when I know I shouldn't and I'm always in a grouchy mood when I wake up because it feels like I've only slept for an hour or two.

My mom recommended drinking "Tension Tamer" tea. She said she has a co-worker who swears by it. So, I went and bought it at the store yesterday. I also saw a tea called "Sleepytime" right next to it and used my higher-order thinking skills and reasoned, "Hmm...I bet that makes you sleepy!" So I got both of them.

I'm feeling wired and awake and it's after midnight. Thus, I made myself some "Sleepytime" tea. I'm about a 1/4 of the way through the cup and so far, not feeling sleepy.

I wonder if this stuff really works.

By the way, if any of you have any "sleep-aid" advice, I'd love to hear it. I've already tried Melatonin - and it worked about a year ago - but now I think my body is too used to it and its lost its effect.

Any ideas on how to fall asleep and stay asleep?

Come on, Sleepytime, make me sleepy!

August 24, 2007

martina mcbabe.

Is it just me, or does Martina McBride just become MORE beautiful the older she gets?

I ran out of the computer room just now because I heard her on the TV in the living room. She was singing live on the Today show. I am always amazed at how good she is live. She was singing, "Anyway." That song gets me every time.

Martina McBride. She's always been beautiful and beautiful she remains. I hope I can look like that when I'm her age. I don't even look like that now! Geez!


One of my classes, Processes and Effects, requires me to download and listen to/read an interview that was featured in Playboy magazine. I'm a little scared.

Before class ended I asked, "Is this going to bring up nasty stuff on my computer?"

No one answered me.


I'll let you know how it turns out. Please, God, don't let me see porn. I hate porn. It makes me want to throw up.

August 23, 2007

my husband is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I met up with Aaron today for lunch before I went grocery shopping. We didn't have a whole lot of time, so we went to Burger King on the base. Woohoo!

For the last week or so, there's been an awesome revival in our marriage. I guess that's normal, huh? Marriage tends to ebb and flow, go up and down. Well, we have hit a peak and it is awesome! :o)

Before we go out of the car, I looked over at him and got the butterflies. The real kind. My stomach got all fluttery and I felt myself get nervous. He just looked so cute! It brought back all the memories from when we first met and how attractive I thought he was. I remembered being so nervous around him, thinking constantly how cool he was because he was a pilot and how not-cool I was because, well...I wasn't anything.

I told him how he made me feel and he got the biggest smile on his face.

We got out of the car and he walked proudly and said, "I feel like a stud. My wife thinks I'm hot."

It's 'cuz you are, sexy thang! ;o)

it feels good to be a gangster.

I woke up this morning FINALLY feeling more like a human being. I think my sickness has long dissipated. I still sniffle here and there, but am no longer dependent on Zicam, NyQuil, tissues, and Tylenol Cold. Thank you, Jesus!

So about being a gangster - yeah, it feels good. All my colleagues are teaching 1st period right now. I'm in my pj's and drinking a cappuccino.

Granted, I am "working." My grad assistant job requires that I work 20 hours a week doing research. Blogs are research, right?

I'll sit on the computer until about noon and then my work is done for the day.

Then comes grocery shopping. Then comes homework.

Why didn't I think of this two years ago?!

August 22, 2007

the saddest of all retractions.

You guys are right - Grey's Anatomy does NOT premiere this Thursday. How weird! I could have sworn that both my husband and I heard on some commercial that the new season began this Thursday.

I guess we weren't paying attention, but I remember our ears perked up and we looked at each other excitedly! Turns out, Grey's Anatomy DOES start running back up again this Thursday, but the episodes won't be new until September 27th - as Tyly said in her comment.

How sad!!

August 21, 2007

this made me cry.

this is livin'!!

Anyone else as excited about this as I am?! New season of Grey's Anatomy starts this Thursday. Holy crap!!

Will McDreamy hook up with Meredith's sister? Will Callie and George divorce? Will Izzy and George get together? Who's McSteamy's new love interest? What will Christina do without Burke?
Agggh!! I can't wait!!

August 20, 2007


I know I don't feel well when a dirty house doesn't phase me. Dishes are piled up to the sky, laundry litters the floor, clutter evades my living room...and I don't freggin' care.

I woke up Saturday with a heinous head cold. Sore throat, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, constant sneezing and a hacking cough.

I haven't even bothered to pick up one solitary piece of mess in this house since Saturday. It's Monday evening. You should see this place.

It seems like no medicine is doing the job. My nostrils are chapped red from the crappy tissues I've been using. My face is broken out, too. I have no idea why, but that's a common thing for me when I get sick - gross!

I'm miserable. The worst thing about it all is that I haven't been able to sleep, either. You'd think NyQuil or Tylenol PM would knock me out, right? Ha! My body laughs in the face of all those home treatments. Neither one has worked in the past three nights. I lie there, wide awake, struggling to breathe, my poor husband awakened every 5 minutes or so with a loud and horrific hacking cough or my groaning in agony or a gigantic sniffle (is that an oxymoron?). Poor thing.

I did wash our sheets this afternoon and they are so fresh and clean and smelly-goody. I can't wait to lay down in a clean bed, but I haven't made the move yet for fear that it'll happen again: sickly insomnia.

This sucks.

August 19, 2007

diamond bear brewery.

Aaron has been commissioned to help "revamp" the Heritage Room at his squadron. My husband likes to think big. He envisions a place for the pilots to relax during their debriefs, a place that provides a general cozy and welcoming "pub" type atmosphere.

Of course, this requires installing a bar.

So...we headed down to the Diamond Bear Brewery in Little Rock yesterday for a free tour and hopefully, some ideas for Aaron.

I think a picture story is probably the best idea for this post. So, here goes.

Sorry about the blur. But here are the "tokens" they give you at the beginning of the tour. You can cash in your tokens for free samples of their beer.
Here's Aaron enjoying his first sample, a Honey Weiss. I love the little glasses. So cute.
I'm not really a "beer person," so I opted to sample their awesome Root Beer...three times. It was really, really, good!
Here's a funny sign they have posted near the bar. I don't necessarily agree with the statement, but I thought it was hilarious.
I'm not too sure what these huge bins were used for in the brewing process. (I wasn't really paying attention), but I thought a picture of Aaron and me standing under labels "Hottie I" and "Hottie II" was definitely necessary.

I think this is where they must chill the beer. Or something. I have no idea. Aaron said, "Stand in front of this and make a mean face!"
And finally, here's Helga. She's the big machine that bottles the beer.
After the tour, I drank some more Root Beer and bought a tank top that says "Honey Bear," named after their Honey Weiss. I thought it was cute. Aaron stuck around and talked to Jesse, the assistant "beer master" (or something) to try to find out how to set up a tap and chiller in the Heritage Room.

Good times!!

boilt peanuts jaw-jah (georgia) style, y'all!

One of Aaron's friends, Lance, at work lived in Georgia for a while and fell in love with all things Southern, naturally. Lance decided to buy 10 pounds (or something crazy like that!) of raw peanuts so he could boil them at home and once again, revel in his love of Southern cuisine. Aaron, who happened to go to college in Mississippi, was propositioned at work and almost coerced into buying a "piece" of this huge order of raw peanuts.

Lance came over yesterday with the delivery: 5 pounds of raw peanuts! Holy cow! We didn't get a chance to boil them yesterday because of everything else that was going on, so Aaron woke up this morning and decided to cook them. I woke up to the lovely aroma of dirt.

I've never had boiled peanuts before. They don't sound good - squishy, hot, and wet peanuts. Yuck.

I may be from the South, but Texas is a whole lot of a different kind of South than Georgia and Mississippi. Those weirdos boil everything!! ;o)

I'll let you know how my peanut-boiling day turns out. I hope I like them when they're done. Or else Aaron's stuck with eating 5 pounds of peanuts by himself!

i'm published in arkansas!

As mentioned before, my first article for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette was in print this morning! The online version of the story is super lame because there's no corresponding pictures like there is in the actual print version of the paper:
But you can read the story and see my name all fancy-like either way. I have to tell you that it made the front page of the section, above the fold line. That's journalistic talk for "Woohoo! I'm cool!"

Click here for the story.

August 17, 2007

oh yeah...

I looked up my grade for my second class in the Master's program. I'm a nerd again! I got another A!

4.0, baby!

ran out of steam.

I did everything on the list except buy groceries, go to the gym (imagine that!), and do more research. After running all over the place, I think I got over-heated and quite frankly, tired. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. At least I cleaned out of fridge and pantry! That was pretty productive.

I want to take a nap.

I wonder what Aaron and I are going to do tonight. I wonder what we'll eat for dinner, seeing as how I didn't buy groceries...oops.

Yeah, I have nothing to say.

Oh! I know something I can tell you! My first story as a freelance writer will be in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this Sunday! And of course, I'll have a link posted Sunday morning. :o)

Ok, I'm rambling. I'm done now. Ho hum...blah. Yeah. No energy to do anything...not even blog.

i have missed you, my bloggy-poo!

This is so sad. I went one day without publishing a post and I feel like I've lost a friend. I just really didn't have anything to say yesterday. And all I can think of to write at this moment is my to-do list for the day. BORING! But I know you faithful watchers will be happy with at least something new, right?
  • Drop off keys at the high school
  • Go look at granite counter tops for bathroom, as per request of Husband
  • Go buy textbooks for classes starting on Monday
  • Pick up key cards for grad assistant job
  • Clean out our fridge and pantry
  • Consequently, go buy groceries
  • Go to the gym...(low, low on the priority list)
  • Do more research work for grad assistant job (which, by the way, started yesterday)
  • Call about getting certified in elementary education. Yes, you heard right!
Whew! I better get started, huh??

August 15, 2007

what's in a name?

My name, Cassandra, has an interesting origin. My name has evolved into a theory, a concept, the "Cassandra Syndrome."

For those of you who aren't familiar with Greek mythology, Cassandra was a beautiful Trojan princess. Apollo fell in love with her beauty and gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy. Wikipedia calls it "prescience," which I will research later. Cassandra did not heed Apollo's admiration for her and as a result, Apollo placed a curse on Cassandra so that no one would ever believe her prophetic warnings and predictions.

In an alternative ending to the story, Cassandra spent a night with Apollo at temple with her twin brother, at which time the temple snakes licked her ears clean so that she was able to hear the future.

Interesting, indeed.

My name was also featured in a classic play, Troilus and Criseyde.

The picture shows a depiction of my namesake. Just naked 'ol me and my homeboy, Ajax, carrying me around the palace gates. Oops, looks like I spilled my Greek CrockPot!

Why the commentary on my name? Because I believe, in the wise words of Amber Nichols, that names in and of themselves are prophetic.

My name means "disbelieved by men," or "helper of men." I believe it's accurate.

In college, I felt a prodding from the spiritual realm. I know it sounds crazy, but during my years in San Angelo, it came to pass that I had visions and many of those, proved accurate. This is not some crazy illusion in my mind. I do believe in prophets and I have been lucky enough to experience my own prophetic visions, however small they may be on the grand scale of all things spiritual and in-tune.

I usually see these visions in dreams and most times, it is easy to determine if they are real or just coincidence. Sometimes I feel a gut instinct prodding me to believe a certain thing is to come to pass.

This same sort of thing happened today over lunch with one of my friends, who is pregnant.

I had a dream a few nights ago about the name of her baby. So far, my friend has not revealed the name for whatever reasons she and her husband have decided upon.

I met her for lunch today and over conversation said, "Hey! I had a dream a couple nights ago of what your baby's name is going to be."

"Really?!" she said.


"Well, tell me what you think it is," she said.

"No! I don't want to be wrong and look stupid!" I said.

But then I asked her, "Ok, how many syllables is the name you've chosen?"

"One," she said.

I gasped because that's how many were in the name in my dream. Then I told her with what letter the name in my dream began.

Now it was her turn to gasp because it was right!

She said, "Ok. I'll tell you what it is if you promise not to tell anyone."

She got out a pen and piece of paper and I did the same. We both wrote down the name without looking at each other's papers and on the count of 3, passed the papers to each other. We opened them up...and the same name was written on both.

Isn't that so cool?!

I also told her that in my dream, she was holding her baby and and said to me, "Cassandra, this is ________ (insert secret name here). And all you could see in the background of this dream was an Elysium-type scenery. But it wasn't Heaven, because in my dream, everyone was still alive.

She said, "So, it was more like heaven-on-earth?"

"Exactly," I said.

I wonder if she believes me...

August 14, 2007

caged bird.

Do you ever feel like you're all alone in this world? That you're trapped, stuck in a place you hate? And no matter what you want to do to break out, you know it's unreasonable, irrational, and would you lead you right back to where you started in the first place?

It seems lately that I have a desperate need to take a break. From everything. Take a break from Arkansas, this house, my husband, my dog, everything. I feel like I just want to run away, only for a while, but run and hard.

There's no exact reason why I feel this way. I just do. But the worst part about feeling this way is realizing, in the middle of all those tears, that there's no where to go.

Having moved from everything familiar, everything and everyone I call "home," I have found it's very hard to find refuge in a place so...foreign.
  • I could go to my husband...wait, no, scratch that.
  • My dog doesn't know how to talk and lately even he's been getting on my nerves.
  • My best friend, who years ago, in moments like this, would pick me up in her car and we'd drive and blast music and cuss and drink Cherry Limeades has her own busy life in Atlanta.
  • Friends I've made here are all equally busy with their own lives: work, travel, boyfriends, husbands. To ask to stay with them would only be a burden neither parties is willing to admit, but both know is the truth.
  • Mom and Dad live all the way in Del Rio and to hop on a plane in one day's notice costs about $700. Trust me, I looked.
It just seems like there's no way out. Breaks came a whole lot easier when I was younger. Heck, breaks were even easy to take in college. One simple jump in the truck, a two-hour drive later, and I was home.

It's not so easy anymore. Where do you go when you want to escape? When you can't stand the thought of sleeping in the same bed as your spouse? When the community in which you live, for some reason, is grating on your every nerve? When no one's around to answer their phone? When Mom and Dad are the only people you want to be around and even they are unattainable?

Where do you go...and what do you do to to find home again...when home is so far out of reach?

sad, but not really.

This Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are "welcome back" days for teachers at my district. The students start back on the 20th, so the teachers are busy gearing up for the year ahead.

Even though I am on my 'educational sabbatical,' I am still required to get the mandated 60 professional development hours in order to keep my teacher's license. Since I don't really know what lies ahead for my future, I've decided that it would be better to keep the license, in case I do choose to go back...or all roads close off leaving me with no other choice.

A great way to get some hours are by attending these workshops. I went to the first one yesterday and had a great time. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, the meetings were actually kind of entertaining, lunch was good (and free!). I even won a nice vase of flowers at the luncheon! Overall, it was a wonderful day and when it was over, my heart felt truly saddened that I wasn't really a part of it all anymore.

Then I got over it.

I went to the other in-service day today and it was the complete and total opposite of what it was yesterday. It was hot, people were crabby, the meetings were dull and never-ending, one presenter kept us 40 minutes into our lunch hour, etc. etc. I got to see more of how life truly was and all those negative memories I had came flooding through my mind at every corner of the day. When the day was over (thank you, Lord Jesus), I was happy to come home knowing that nothing more would be required of me there.

So, yes. I was sad for a day and thought perhaps I had made the wrong decision. But that all changed once people dropped their facades and another long and grueling day of meetings revealed people's true character.

I hate to say it, but I am looking forward more toward this year off now than ever before.

August 13, 2007

see, i really am carrie bradshaw.

Proof. I love it. It makes me feel so official. Granted, I haven't actually had to use it yet, but I know if I want to use it, I can. Heehee.

if you like cheesecake...

you'll love this recipe!

The pie I mentioned earlier is actually very good. Although, it is not what I thought it would be. When I saw the recipe called "Chocolate Cream Pie," I imagined the light and fluffy, almost meringue-type chocolate pies, like the kind you can get at Luby's.

What it ended up being, according to Aaron, is something more like a "chocolate cheesecake."

I'm not a particular fan of cheesecake - never have been - but if you are, I highly recommend this WAY easy recipe.

Chocolate Cream Pie (or Aaron's Chocolate Cheesecake)

2 pkgs. softened Philadelphia cream cheese
1/2 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla
2 eggs
4 squares Baker's Semisweet baking chocolate, melted and slightly cooled
1 ready-to-use chocolate flavored pie crust

Mix cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla at medium speed with electric mixer until well blended. Add eggs, mix until blended, then stir in melted chocolate. Pour into crust. Then back at 350 degree for 35-40 minutes or until center is almost set. Cool. Garnish with fresh fruit. Refrigerate for 3 hours.

Can ya tell we like our chocolate in the Webb house?

dinner and dessert.

As I type, dinner is currently hot and ready on the stove top. Husband is still at the gym. I tried texting, but alas, no answer. Hmm...

I made meatloaf and the smell is consuming the entire house. Yum! On the stove top is macaroni and cheese and green beans! Husband, hurry home! I'm starving!

I also whipped up a chocolate cream pie. Rest assured, if it turns out well, I'll have pictures and the recipe on a later post.

So, dinner is ready. The house smells amazing. Husband not home yet. I'm thinking about eating without him...but that wouldn't be very nice.

He needs to get home now..."So You Think You Can Dance?" is almost on!!

Oh wait! Texas is whimpering, so that must mean Daddy's home! Woohoo!!

do i win??

Is this the first post of the day? I bet I even beat Erica, who seems to have three posts up by 8 a.m. daily... but I bet I win today!

(I'm headed to the high school for some professional development hours, or else I totally would still be asleep right now).

Official time is 7:10 a.m.

I think I should get a prize!

August 12, 2007

ode to my pal, laura stallings.

Laura is hilarious. She cracks me up. As a tribute to my new friend, I have compiled a list of "Lauraisms." I hope they make you laugh. If not, whatever. She's still freggin' great in my book.

Michael Bolton: Sorry Cassandra, my heart already belongs to Laura Stallings.

I tried calling you earlier, but it rang twice and then said the call could not be completed at this time. Geez, Cassandra, pay your bills so people can get in touch with you!

I'm supposed to have Bunko on Thursday night with my church Bunko group, and I haven't been in 3 months, so I think if I don't go, I'll get blackballed for sure.

What's the point of being a housewife for a week if you don't get to be a lady who lunches?

And yes, I LOVE Michael Bolton. I have an eargasm every time I hear "Steel Bars."

I love you, Laura, my comedienne extraordinaire! (She's the prego in the middle) ;o)

i am carrie bradshaw.

It's almost 1 a.m. and I am still awake. Husband sleeps soundly in the bedroom across the house, Dog is asleep in his crate and little 'ol me is writing away in the back room of our humble abode.

While everyone sleeps, I am putting together one of my stories for the newspaper: a feature on young teachers. It was a very good interview and I just got done compiling all my notes together based on the voice recorder I used. I feel so official.

So, although I'm not writing a column about my sexual relations with Mr. Big (although I wish I were), I do claim to be Carrie Bradshaw for the next three minutes...
Ok, I'm done now.

August 11, 2007

lovin' saturday.

My husband is the sweetest person in the world. He offered to help one of his "co-workers" up at the squadron paint his wife's new hair salon. How cute!

Aaron woke up at 7 am and headed down to NRL and left me sleeping peacefully. What a sweet boy.

I woke up so stinkin' late. I called Aaron and he's eating pizza with the guys at the hair salon. LoL.

I opted to check blogs and watch TV in my husband's absence. Before I sat down I made some delicious coffee and a pb sandwich. Ahh, such a sweet life.

I scrolled through the satellite listings and found "Father of the Bride Part II." "Done!" I exclaimed loudly. I love, love, love these movies. I prepared myself for the most poignant moment of this film: when both Steve Martin's daughter and wife are in labor and he's worried because the doctor is so young. He stops the doctor in the hallway and says:

"Dr. Rosenburg...these women... are my life."

*sigh* If that doesn't get to you, nothing will.

Oh yes, I am lovin' me some Saturday.

August 9, 2007

i am a frosting failure.

I just can't do it. No matter how hard I try, how meticulously I read the recipe...I cannot make home-made cake frosting.

It's always too thin. Tonight, however, it was too gritty. Yuck!

I ended up throwing the whole thing away...*sigh*

to make myself feel worthy of praise at all...

I will compose a list of all the things I did today as my new temporary role of "housewife." It's only going to last until the 20th, so I better make this role my best yet!

While Aaron was at work, being the bread-winner, bringing home the bacon, here is what his precious little wifey did at the household:
  1. Vacuumed all the rooms.
  2. Washed the dishes.
  3. Picked up dog hair from the tile floor.
  4. Re-organized three cabinets in the kitchen.
  5. Threw away a whole trash bag of clutter from the kitchen.
  6. Took down the wooden shelf over the kitchen sink.
  7. Cleaned the kitchen counters elbow-grease style.
  8. Did the same with stove top.
  9. Washed the sheets.
  10. Put them back on the bed. Even sprayed a little "Jovan Musk" on them before adding the duvet. It's a Webb family thing. Don't ask. It helps Aaron sleep.
  11. Washed the bathroom floor mats.
  12. Got random articles of "junk" priced and ready for the Thrift Shop tomorrow.
  13. Painted freggin' artwork to decorate our master bathroom.
  14. Cleared off dining room table of mass clutter. Re-arranged pretty napkins and place mats.
  15. Sorted through stacks of old mail.
  16. Removed the random-ness off the top of the refrigerator and found other places for it to go. I hate having things on the top of my refrigerator.
And no, dinner was not ready on the table when Aaron got home. There ain't no shame in ordering pizza. Who wants to mess up a perfectly clean kitchen?

August 8, 2007

bathroom restoration part 2.

That's it, folks. The bathroom is finished! (except for the hideous black counter top, but I'll have to deal with that for now...ugh. It's so nasty-looking).

*Note: You might want to scroll down and read the part 1 and painting posts first.

Note the change in curtain hooks. I replaced the ghetto, clear plastic Wal-Mart ones on the right with the cute, and oh-so-trendy blue ones to the left.
Clean and soft, squishy bath mats...heavenly.
Gotta love matching towels!
The painting in all its glory.
The bastard painting. I don't like it as much...can you tell?
The clean, but still black and ugly counter top.
Yup. Gotta get rid of that counter top. Otherwise, I'm happy.

cassandra "o'keefe" webb

Remember the thumb-smashing story as a result of buying two canvases at Hobby Lobby? Well, the thumb is still purple, but the canvases have finally found their way into my world.

I finished the last of the artwork for the master bathroom today!

The two paintings will be hanging on either side of our counter top. I got rid of these ugly metal shelves that used to keep all our crap and instead, replaced ugly You be the judge.

My inspiration for the first painting (which I'm not sure I like) was gathered from this throw pillow in our computer room:
Here's what resulted. Eh, it's okay.
This second painting, however, is my favorite! I got my muse from this picture frame in our living room:
And this, my friends, is something I am actually very proud of:
I'm so glad that I actually got the stripes straight!

bathroom restoration part 1

Yes, that's right. I'm at it again.

I did a whole lot of housework today and then I finally sat down to finish the artwork for our master bathroom (which you'll see later...)

Before the dawn of the idea to do artwork, I, of course, had to clean out the bathroom before I could even think of how to "re-decorate" it HGTV-style.

No, my bathroom is hardly ever a mess...on the surface. But these "before" pictures you are about to see are all the contents kept stowed away and hidden in various compartments and cabinets of the bathroom. Now, however, everything has found its place in neat, organized manner.

Before pictures of the mess I had to sift through:

The contents of the bottom-left cabinets only. Yikes.
More of the same:
Someone likes to shop at The Limited...
Yikes! Look at all that crap!

whoa! slow the bus down!

Remember how I told you my "first story" was going to be on the school's new principal? Well, she declined. I'll refrain from further commentary...

Anyhow, since then, I've been picking my own brain, trying to decide what would make an interesting story. I have a huge disadvantage not being from this area. I'm not in tune with the goings on of the community and that is working against me!

However, I did come up with two ideas that were approved by the editor. And I already have those interviews lined up!

One for tomorrow, and one for Friday! WHOA!

I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but there's nothing I'd rather do than write. I just need more ideas.

How can I write about an area of which I know nothing about? What a conundrum.

too sweet, even for me.

I didn't think it was possible, but I have met my match in the chocolate world. I thought I could eat and love any chocolate thrown my way, but I was wrong.

I got the recipe from Erica. You can read this blog to get the recipe. Her cake looks incredible. Mine kinda looks like dog poo on a platter. The ganache didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to. Erica's, however, looks like she bought it at a bakery!

The cake is wonderful, yes. But I fear it's far too rich for my tastes. The first time I bit into it, it made my lips pucker! LoL!
It does taste like Thin Mints, though...Thin Mints on crack!

August 7, 2007

two down, eight more to go.

I finished my second grad class tonight. What a huge relief! I'll have about a week and a half of absolutely no responsibilities or papers or anything. Thank you, Jesus! I'll update you on the grade I get. Keep your fingers crossed for keepin' that 4.0!

August 6, 2007

you may laugh...

...but there is nothing better than blasting Michael Bolton, drinking coffee, and baking a chocolate cake in an empty house.

Ain't nothing better than some "Soul Provider" on volume 21 to start the day.
The way I feel about coffee is the way most people feel about their spouse...or wine...
And yes, I'm serious.

August 5, 2007

the 50AS is now the new redneck yacht club

Aaron and I spent all of yesterday morning, afternoon, and evening with 16 other members of the 50AS.

Kevin Eley and his girl, Emily, arranged the whole day for us. Thanks, guys!

We got up super early. And when I say early, I'm talking 5:30 a.m.! Steve Martina picked us up and we drove over to Eley's house where "fresh pastries" and mimosas were waiting for everyone.

Here's how Aaron and I looked at 6 a.m. in the back of Steve's Galant. LoL. I look drugged!
Anyhow, after the "fresh pastries," we all piled into the "church van." It was so funny. I hadn't been in a church van in a long, long time. I said that I wanted to sit in the back so Aaron and I could make out...that didn't happen.

We crammed into the van and tried to keep down the motion sickness we were feeling from being cramped, being hot, and riding over the thousands of bumps on the highway. Not a good time.

We made it to Hot Springs and unloaded our stuff at the Salty Dog. We got one pontoon boat and another little, more zippier boat.

Before we headed out on the water, I knew I wasn't feeling good. I had started to get stomach pangs (is that a word?) on the van ride and knew something was up. It definitely was. I headed to the bathroom and wow...something I ate didn't agree with me. I'll spare you the details.

So I headed out of the bathroom after about 15 minutes. I know, gross. We loaded onto the boat and that's where the fun all began.

We "drove" out to the sand barge, the official spot for the Redneck Yacht Club. We anchored our boat, floated around in the water, ate some food, and generally, just hung out.

Another boat arrived full of obnoxious people. The guys were smoking and dropping their butts into the water and the girls were acting like they were on Girls Gone Wild. We stopped and stared for a while and Derek Tate said, "I'm gonna go kiss my beautiful wife now. I'm so lucky." The other boat eventually left. Thank God.

Here's Aaron partaking of the delectable veggie platter.
And here I am drinking my frozen daquari out of one of our old Carnival cruise cups. Since Aaron and I aren't going to be able to take a vacation this year, we considered our day out on Lake Hamilton our official cruise of the summer season. Ha!
After some relaxation, it was time for some tubing! Our group split in half and some of us went tubing, the others remained behind to get obliterated.

Although Aaron and I did try our hand at tubing, we didn't get any pictures and to be honest, didn't quite enjoy our experience at all. For some reason, we just couldn't find the right balance on the tube and we kept flying off. Also, the boat we were in wasn't meant for tubing and I think that's why the ride was so bumpy. It was starting to really hurt our necks, so we called it quits after two attempts.

The Shepherd's, however, were lovin' it. Here's Gwen and her husband, Jason, having a good 'ol time on the tube. They look like beach models!
You can't really tell because it's so small, but in this picture, Jason is doing the obligatory "smacking of his wife's behind." She's lovin' it.
After we got back from tubing, we anchored the boat back into the barge and hung out with the other half of the group, who were, by this time, drunk out of their gords and being totally silly. I had had enough of the alcoholic beverages myself. One or two is usually good for me. Plus, it was so hot outside that water was all I wanted anyway.

Here's some pictures of us hangin' out at the barge.

The view from our boat.
Another view. The guy in the front of the picture doesn't look too happy.
Aaron and a bathing suit. We all have that little roll when we sit, right??
Kevin and Emily.
Aaron and the Shepherd's doggie, Truman.
More Arkansans enjoying the barge.
Speaking of Arkansans, here's a side note. While we were all hanging out on the boats, we looked across the water and saw a cage inside some random person's boat. Sue and I kept trying to decide what kind of animal was actually in the cage. Is it a dog? A cat? A ferret? Turns out, it was a baby raccoon!! How much more redneck could you possibly get?!

On the way back to the dock, everyone had fallen into a silent, quiet stupor of tranquility. The sun was going down, casting a beautiful ray of light across the sky, the wind was blowing in our hair...and blowing my hat off my head! It completely blew off and landed in the water. Thankfully, Steve offered to turn around and get it. Jason jumped in and rescued my hat. My hero! Aaron would have done it, but he was already fully dressed and dry. LoL. Jason, on the other hand, was still in his trunks, and drunk enough not to know the difference. ;o)

In fact, here's a picture of him trying to mount his wife. Poor Gwen.
Here's a great picture of my hubby enjoying the breeze.

Here's Truman on the way to the dock fighting the urge to fall asleep. He sure did love that water!
After we docked the boats, it was about 8 p.m. We decided that we'd go to Buffalo Wild Wings since we don't have one in Little Rock. It wasn't my first choice for dinner, but whatever.

We unloaded the vans and all 18 of us walked into "BDub's" and demanded food ASAP. We were starving!

We ate our wings, the guys drank their beer, and then we were headed home. By the way, all drivers of the boats and vehicles were not drinking. Didn't want you to get the wrong idea.

On the way home, we had a lot of fun. Justin kept asking us dumb questions: "If you only had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?" "Best movie of all time?"

Aaron and I got home around midnight and went straight to bed. What a great day with awesome people!
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