April 30, 2008

what is armageddon?

So, I'm updating OLL and the doorbell rings. I'm thinking it's the mailman delivering my makeup from e.l.f.


It's two very old men in suits. I think, "Ok, they're either politicians or Jehovah's Witnesses." I open the door. I see the Bible. They are the latter.

Put on a happy face. I smile and say hello.

The first man greets me warmly and offers me two copies of The Watchtower. Then he asks me if I've ever heard of Armageddon. Here we go....

The other man proceeds to read me verses out of Isaiah. I can't understand what he's saying because he's speaking so quietly. Afterward, the other man tells me that people who engage in war are the ones who are going to die during Armageddon...uh...do I tell him my husband has served two terms in Iraq?

He then continues to ask me if it makes sense to strap a bomb to one's self and blow up town squares. Of course it doesn't. Then he asks me who dies the most in wars. I say, "Who?" He replies, "Women and children." I nod in agreement (because that is true).

Then they leave.

Uh...did I miss something here?!

These kinds of people make me so sad. Had I not been a believer, what kind of impact would their little speech have had on me? Either absolutely no effect at all, or quite the opposite of their intent: A continued view that religious people are nuts.

So, I'm a little upset after my encounter with these two very sweet, but misguided men. I hope that everyone else in the neighborhood is nice to them. It breaks my heart to think of people being rude or hurtful to these two guys who really believe that what they're doing is worthwhile.

I know they probably prayed for us people in the neighborhood before they set out on their mission. Please, Jesus, don't let people be mean to them.

April 29, 2008

how much do i charge? seriously?

I have been getting heavily involved with our squadron here lately. Other than volunteering to be a "Secret Sister," I am also a Key Spouse for the squadron.

Part of my duties as a Key Spouse is to be the point of contact for other spouses in the squadron (i.e. someone needs their car fixed while their husband is deployed, they call me and I help them). Today, I received an email from a woman in our squadron asking about Mother's Day Out programs. Obviously, I had nothing to contribute. I did, however, email her back to tell her that I would offer my assistance in the form of free babysitting. God knows I can't get enough of babies these days.

I gave her my phone number and a few hours later, she called! We talked like we were old friends. It's so amazing to me how the AF life does that to people. Anyway, she is interested in having me watch her 7-month old son (YAY!) but refuses to let me do it for free. The only problem is...I've never really babysat for money. It feels weird taking someone's money for doing...nothing, really. Baby snuggles run cheap in my book.

She and I are meeting on Friday and she wants to know then "how much I charge." I already told her I don't charge anything and that I have no idea what to charge, even if I wanted to. I think she's going to insist I get paid so...what's the going rate for a babysitter these days?

update on OLL.


April 28, 2008

when we were young (a.k.a. revenge).

Don't miss my other post below. I need your help!

So Miss Meredith decided to post some remnants of our past, did she? Well, little did she know that I have a whole arsenal of goodies in my closet.

Tucked ever-so-nicely in the corner of a shoe box (which, coincidentally also contains some OLLs), lies about 5 or 6 pieces of notebook paper folded "hot dog" style. I open it up and what did I discover? Let's take a look, shall we?

Each sheet of paper has a different heading or question. The rest of the page, then, is used for providing information in correspondence with that particular heading or question.

So, here goes.

Page #1: Famous Sayings

Meredith's contributions are as follows:
"Live the life you love, love the life you live." -- Yaga
"I don't think so, Tim."
"Esquise me?"
"I am the great Cornholio, do you have TP for my bunghole?"

My contributions:
""Whatever, Trevor!"
"Poof! You're way gone!"
"Take that, you dirty rat!"

Page #2: Just like, draw a picture about who you like and stuff!

The rest of the page is full of doodles and stupid crap. Apparently, we liked boys...a lot.

Page #3: Are you going to be glad, just a little, that Michelle is leaving in a few months?

Meredith's answer:
Yes and no. Yes for all the time's she's been a _ _ _ _ _ to me, and no for all the fun times we've shared. You know what I mean.

My answer:
Probably not because anyone I knew that well to go away would probably make me feel a little sad. But you're right, it will be good because of (arrow points to Meredith's answer).

Page #4: Do you think Humbert likes me? Tell me the truth. I'll probably get mad, but what can I say?

Meredith's answer to my question:
Cassie, truthfully, I'm really sorry to say but I think he knows you like him and he's taking advantage of it, but on the other hand, he might like you 'cuz of the "movie thing."

I then proceeded to draw a diagram of an apparent seating arrangement at the movies:
/Mere/Me/Humbert at the movies!!!

Page #5: Besides the guys you like, who do you think is totally fine - people that we know.

Meredith's answer:
I think Gene is fine, but I'd never be able to actually go out with him. *sad face.

My answer:
I think Abel is, but not so much his face as it is his BOTTAY! And Gene is pretty cute too, but Laura has him right now. Sorry.

And my friends, that's where it ends. Did ya get a nice laugh? Meredith?

Oh, and by the way: I AM NEVER HAVING DAUGHTERS!!!

please read the next post...

cheap & easy.

I have volunteered to be a part of the Secret Spouse program with our squadron. Its mission: to secretly drop off or mail a little something to cheer up a spouse whose loved one is deployed.

We are supposed to do something for our Secret Spouse at least once a month and only spend $5-$10 for each gift. That's where I need help -- what makes good, cheap gifts?

The spouse I have been assigned to is female, a year older than me, and has two kids (a boy who is three, and a little girl, who is 20 months). She didn't quite elaborate on her questionnaire, so the only real information I got concerning her likes was "anything family-oriented." Her husband has been gone since February and won't be back until June.

I plan on getting her a small gift this week, but I need your help! What little gesture would brighten up your day while your hubby/wife was away?

weekend report.

It's been a crazy weekend. Sorry for my lack of postage.

We had a wonderful time over at Al and Lana's. The food was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. She had a huge spread! We had naan, some other bread appetizer thing, mango dip, mint and something dip, chicken almond curry, lamb curry, white rice, potato something, mushroom something, spinach something, pink chicken on skewers, and then dessert. Wow. I was stuffed and everything Lana made was delicious! We had a good time talking and enjoying a delightful beverage called "Pimm's."

Sidenote: To make Pimm's, pour one part Pimm's liquor, two parts Sprite, (the Brits called it "lemonade"), and then a handful of freshly-cut strawberries in a pitcher (or as the Brits called it, the "lip jug"). Stir and pour into a glass of ice.

Again, wow. I wish I got pictures, but alas, there was no real photo opportunity among the pigging out. Everything was wonderful...

Until the next day.

Although I enjoyed the taste of Indian food, it did not enjoy my stomach. After Joan's baby shower, I came home, laid and stayed on the couch from 4:30 p.m. until it was time for bed. My stomach was killing me!!!! I told Aaron it felt like someone put a balloon in my tummy and then blew it up as big as it could go before it popped. Ugh.

So, we decided to keep it low-key last night. I laid on the couch while Aaron did...I don't know...and then we ordered a pizza (it was amazing) and watched Atonement. Pretty good movie, that one. You just have to get to the end...patience...the climax and conclusion are what make the movie exceptional. I recommend it...just make sure you're not sleepy before watching it. Lots of really pretty photography work, if you're into that.

Today, my lovely husband went grocery shopping for us (his proverbial rubber band sprang back about two days ago, by the way), while I cleaned the house. It felt so good to clean up this disaster area! Once everything was clean and well in the Webb household, we began dinner: marinated filet mignon's on the grill, green beans, and roasted herb potatoes. I left the potatoes in the oven extra long, so they came out crispy! YUM!

Now, Aaron is in the living room playing Call of Duty and I am doing everything but what I should be doing: homework.

There's an extremely quick wrap-up of the weekend. Husband is being his super sweet self again. Thank you, Jesus. Seriously.

Also, I updated/changed OLL a bit. Still would love some contributions!

P.S. As you can tell, I learned some new words this weekend thanks to our British friends. Here's a recap (and no, these are not kid-friendly).

1. "Lemonade" = Sprite
2. "Lip jug" = pitcher
3. "Cheeser" = someone cheesy, sleazy, shady
4. "Knob" = a dickhead. LoL.
5. "Rubbish" = trash
6. "Bullocks" = bullshit
7. "In bits" = sore after a workout
8. "Coriander" = cilantro leaves
9. "Garden path" = happy trail ;)

April 24, 2008

love letters abound!

Crazy mad updates on OLL.

Three new posts! Click here to read.

fine. a bullet post.

  • Did you watch American Idol last night? What crap! I miss Carly. But I did become a fan of that Leona Lewis woman. She was pretty good. She reminds me of Cher...which reminds me of my old college roommate, Brandy. I miss her.
  • Another one of my friends is pregnant...of course. (notice her blog added to my list: nancy).
  • Aaron's going through a weird phase. It tends to happen every Spring. It sucks. Ever read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? The book describes how women are like waves and men are like rubber bands. Well, if there was ever any truth to that, it's now. Women go up and down with their emotions (i.e. life is good, life is bad, life is good, life is bad). It usually corresponds with our menstrual cycle. Men are like rubber bands, who need to pull far away (i.e. gain some independence from us women) before snapping back to where they started. And both sexes need to understand both concepts. And despite the fact that both of us read that book, he's horrible at letting me wave and I'm awful at letting him stretch away.
  • I emailed Principal, like, forever ago to see if I could go up to the school and observe/shadow. I still haven't heard from her. I guess a phone call is necessary.
  • Are stamps 42 cents now or still 41?
  • I wanted to go run this morning, but it's dark and gloomy. AND HOT. My goodness, it feels like a sauna outside. There goes the running plans.
  • Speaking of running, Aaron wants me to join him for a 5K tomorrow out on the base. At first, I agreed. Now, I'm having second thoughts. I'm going to suck and if the weather is like it is now, I'm going to be miserable. Ugh.
  • Tonight's a great TV night. Grey's is back, as is LOST, and now we're starting to record The Office, too. Sucks that I have to be in class until 8:40, but alas, tomorrow is Friday and I can stay up late watching shows tonight...because I can.
  • I'm going to an Indian curry night at one of our friend's houses tomorrow night. I'm not a fan of Thai curry (at all!), so I'm hoping Indian curry is different. I'd hate to not eat a meal someone made, ya know? Indian curry...any fans out there?
  • I'm going to a baby shower on Saturday for a woman who lives right across the street from me. Her husband is military, so that makes us friends by default. She also got a job teaching at the high school this year, so we have a lot in common. She's having a little boy: Joseph Ian. *sigh.
  • I've been cutting calories since Sunday and I haven't weighed myself (b/c that would be silly), but boy, do I feel thinner! The tummy feels flatter. Is that weird? Bad side effects, though: grumpy, lethargic, and my stomach is constantly growling/churning. Ah, the things we do for vanity.
  • I guess that's it for now.

April 23, 2008

is it just me?

Or is anyone else tired of hearing about Obama and Clinton? Geez.

Who even cares anymore?

blogger's block.

It's like I have a lot to write about, but I don't feel like writing about it. It almost seems too exhausting. I don't even want to do a bullet post. Hope this passes quickly!

April 22, 2008

trapped in an elevator.

What would you do?

Click here to read Amber's fantastic post. It would be nice to see everyone write a post about what they would do if they were stuck for 41 hours. This could get interesting.

April 21, 2008

stupid, but necessary.

Brody Jenner will always be my number one, but I'm afraid that a few more people have made my list of celebrity boyfriends.

First, I present to you Chris Brown. W-O-W. This guy is amazing. Such a great dancer and performer. I love him.

Second, we've got Georges St. Pierre (who recently kicked the crap out of Matt Serra). Never though I'd fall for a Frenchman, but one look at those thighs and it was over.

Finally, we've got Rich Franklin, who stole my heart this weekend (along with St. Pierre). He just seems like a stand-up guy and when he did that roll thing to get out of the submission thing (lol), the whole crowd cheered. What an amazing fighter!! He's so strong!

So there you have it. My new list of TV hot boys that I stupidly adore.

April 19, 2008

makeup for a dollar!!

If you're a makeup fanatic like I am, you're going to love eyeslipsface.com!!

My wonderful friend, Shannon J. , told me about this website last night in the midst of my despair and seriously - almost 99% of everything listed is ONE DOLLAR. This includes makeup brushes (which we all know are expensive), eye liner, tools, nail polish, everything!

Shipping is $6.95 no matter how much you buy (except you can get free shipping with purchases of $75 or more), so no matter how many things you put in your shopping cart, you are paying the same shipping rate.

I just spent $28.95 -- and purchased 22 cosmetic items...seriously. I know this sounds like an ad, but I just wanted to let everyone know how cool it is. (If you already got a referral email from me -- sorry! It said I could get a free gift with my order if I referred three people. Consider yourselves the chosen ones).

Shannon J. told me this makeup is supposed to be pretty good stuff. You can read a review here.

Happy browsing!

April 17, 2008

a little more sad.

Sad about Period Thursday all day today.
Come home from library.
Husband informs me he's going to Texas for four days.
My home.
I want to go with him.
I can't.
He's going to have fun and see my parents.
I'm not.
He wants to go to Krav Maga class tonight in Little Rock.
Class is 2 hours long, plus one hour of driving both ways.
I get homesick.
He goes to the bathroom.
I cry a little.
He says, "I think the toilet's clogged."
I say, "It is?"
He says, "I don't know."
He looks at me.
He says, "What's wrong?"
I say, "Nothing, it's stupid."
He says, "What's wrong?"
I tell him I'm homesick.
He gets clothes out of the hamper.
I ask again, "the toilet's clogged?"
"I don't know."
I cry more.
He says, "What's wrong?"
I tell him about how stupid I feel.
For thinking I might be pregnant.
He pulls me close.
He says nothing.
He looks at the clock.
He says, "Come with me."
I say "Nah, it's ok. I'd rather stay home."
He asks again.
"Nah, I won't have anything to do up there."
He asks again.
"I don't have time to get ready; I'll make you late."
I'm crying.
I say sweetly, "You could stay home?"
He says, "I've planned my whole day around this class."
I look at the dog.
I say, "Ok."
He says, "I love you, bye."
He walks out of the door.
Garage closes.
All this takes place in about 10 minutes.
I remain seated on the bed.
I have to go to the bathroom.
So I do.
I forget about the toilet.
He left it clogged, indeed.
It smells.
I can't find a plunger.
I notice he left an empty milk glass on our fireplace mantle.
I yell.
I find the plunger.
It doesn't do anything.
I cry.
He left to go to a stupid class.
Men are stupid.
At least he asked me to go with him.
I guess.

a little bit happy, a little bit sad.

It happens every month.

Since I switched to a new birth control, my body has been doing weird things that I am unaccustomed to. I'll give you one example: breakthrough bleeding. How scary is that?!

I like the pills because they have a smaller dosage of hormones in them (i.e. they don't make me a crazy person), but the lack of hormones definitely causes other strange happenings.

This month, I didn't start my period until three days before it is supposed to end. You can imagine my nervousness last night thinking, "Uh...tomorrow's Thursday and it STILL hasn't shown up. Am I...pregnant?"

Since starting the new medicine, I ask myself that question every month when something weird happens. And then, lo and behold, it always turns out that I am, indeed, not with child. And that makes me happy...

but also a little bit sad.

I know I don't really want a baby right now. It doesn't exactly fit into our life plan. Our house isn't equipped for a baby, I am going back to work, and both Aaron and I will admit that we are just not quite mature enough for the responsibility of having a little one. And we sure do like all the extra money and free-time.

I really don't want one right now. But I do have to wonder why I get a little disappointed each month when I realize that I'm not pregnant. I think my heart is changing a little bit. For a long while, I didn't even want kids -- EVER! Now, I'm a little softer and I see life a bit differently and perhaps having babies wouldn't be that bad, after all.

So, here I am. It's Period Thursday and I am not pregnant, nor was I trying to be. And it makes me frown...just a little.

la cosina bonita.

I did this yesterday on my day off. I am proud. I think it looks pretty. Aaron wasn't that excited, but whatever. I like it. It kind of looks like an Italian diner to me...or something.

April 16, 2008

the song in my head.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
His mercies never come to an end.
They are new every morning,
New every morning,
Great is Thy faithfulness, O Lord.

Great is Thy faithfulness.

welcome to 2nd grade!

I got the job!!!

April 14, 2008

a whirlwind weekend.

Aaron and I had a wonderful weekend. It was busy...and we spent a lot of money...but nevertheless, it was a blast!

On Friday night, we joined several other couples for pizza and beer at Vino's and then headed down to the Peabody Hotel for the River Top Party. Dinner at Vino's was delicious - as usual. We were a little unsure of whether or not we would enjoy the River Top Party (given the pictures on the website), but we ended up having a really good time! I mean, what's not to like about pretending you're in Vegas, on the roof of the Palms!? We got two free T-shirts, so I'd say it was worth it.

Me and Shan enjoying my solitary festive beverage of the evening. It was crap. Can you tell we get our hair done by the same guy!? Ha!
The mens -- of course mine and Shannon's would be the stupid-looking ones!
Me and my hubby. I got him in the choke-hold ;)
Shan and Austin.
The live band, Tragikly White. They were hilarious and the bass player (right side) had him some hotty-patotty curly hair sticking out of his ball cap. Yum.
The view from on top of the Peabody. It was actually very pretty in real life.
On our way out of the hotel, Mr. Jackson decided it was time for some "Piano Man." Here he is getting ready to play.
And here's Chris requesting a song and tipping AJ. Austin had to stop playing because one of the hotel workers looked pissed that he was on the piano. It's a shame, though, because he's REALLY GOOD!
On Saturday night, another group of us all got fancy and went to Aydelotte's. It was in honor of Shilo's birthday and we had a really good time hanging out. The restaurant was BEAUTIFUL and we pretty much had the place to ourselves -- all the rich, old folk had already left.

We drank wine, ate chocolate hazelnut brulee, filet mignon's...it was delicious! Here's everyone after dinner. Well, not everyone. Lana was taking the picture. But you get the idea.

From left to right: Joe and Laura Stallings; Shilo and Max Korzen (they're getting married in September), Al Balmer (Lana's husband); and of course, the Webbs. Al and Lana are British and that makes them fascinating by default. They were the life of the party!

Still no word yet on the 2nd grade job. Other than that, school is still hammering away at my insanity and life is generally delightful.

April 13, 2008

update on OLL!

Keep the contributions and comments coming! :)

April 12, 2008

the best meeting, ever!

My meeting with principal was amazing. She is one of the kindest women have I ever met. We talked for over an hour!

She showed me around the school and talk about a different world! It's so tiny and wonderful and cute. Unlike the high school, one does not have to wonder who's doing drugs in the bathroom or having sex in the Fine Arts building (true stories).

All the little ones we saw while we were taking the tour of the school smiled and waved at me and HUGGED the principal and looked up at her like she was the most amazing thing they'd ever seen. WOW!

Every staff member that I met was incredibly nice and welcoming. I got to see the room I would be in "if everything works out." It's so cute! Those little desks are precious!

I got a wonderful vibe from Principal, the school, and everyone I met. It was such a good feeling and I definitely KNOW that I made the right choice. I'm pretty sure I have the job in the bag, it's just a matter of going through the chain of command to get me approved for the slot.

The teacher whose place I'm taking is retiring, so I'm hoping (cross your fingers!) that she'll leave me a lot of her stuff. Principal called this teacher who is retiring the "rock of second grade" and Principal hopes that I can come in and take on a leadership role...whoa! Principal has a lot of confidence in me and that makes me sooooooo happy.

__________ Elementary is, indeed, the school that houses the lowest-income members of our community. 60% of the kids are on free or reduced lunch. It is also the only school in the community that teaches international students. Principal told me that 8 different languages are spoken on campus. How cool is that?!

I don't remember the last time I have been so excited about a job. I was excited about teaching high school the first time, but that feeling didn't last long. I have a hunch that this is going to be the perfect fit for me and that I will LOVE my job -- for once. In fact, I'm sad that we may be moving after this next school year.

So, now all I have to do is wait for the call!

April 11, 2008


Round two! I am meeting with Principal today at 2 p.m. at the school -- which I am oh-so-excited about. Initially, I was going to be meeting with her and the district's central office. Today, however, I get to go to the actual school and talk with her. Maybe I'll see a kid or two! Yay!

What the hell is up with American Idol? I cried. Seriously. There are no words.
Goodbye, gorgeous...you'll be missed.
Also, there is an update on OLL! And it's a good one! So go check it out and comment!

One more thing: This was awesome. I have a new-found respect for Fergie (I can't believe I just said that). Anyone who can sing and do TWO one-handed front walk-overs at the same time deserves a little praise. Who knew?!

April 10, 2008

stupid weather.

As I finished the last touch of my getting ready routine, I found out that my meeting with Principal has been canceled because of bad weather. All the kids in the district have been moved to storm shelters.

How frustrating for everyone!!

This bad weather has got to go!

April 9, 2008

an interesting breakthrough.

As I sat down to text my honey, my cell phone rang in my hand. I instantly recognized the phone number: it was the school district.

I answered the phone excitedly and was greeted by the Personnel Director who told me the following news: There is a second grade (!!!!!!!) position open at ____________ Elementary and that the principal wants to meet with me tomorrow afternoon.

H-O-L-Y C-R-A-P!

This is such good news! I am thrilled beyond belief! Second grade is absolutely perfect (isn't it, Meredith? Hehe.)

__________ Elementary would not have been my first choice, but after thinking about it this morning and looking at their website, I think it just might be an ideal fit. Based on the website and the facility alone, _________ Elementary seems to cater to the low-income folk of my town. At first, that bummed me out. Then, I snapped out of it. Kids are kids...and hopefully, by 2nd grade, they still have not been too tainted by the lifestyle of their care-givers.

In my experience with working with YMCA kids (who all stemmed from low-income, and mostly single-parent households), I found that kids who come from this sort of background tend to be more gracious, thankful, and sweet -- for the most part. When you have nothing, it's hard to be spoiled. When you have nothing, the little things given to you are appreciated. And that makes me smile.

I meet with Principal tomorrow afternoon. I am so excited!!!

April 8, 2008

american idol: my two cents.

Everyone else is doing it, I guess now it's my turn. Ladies and gents, my take on American Idol as of tonight:

The front-runner and audience fave
Whether you like him or not, he's been the audience favorite since before the live singing began. People love this kid. I love this kid. He's not perfect and probably still has a lot to learn, but I think he's got the competition in the bag.

Jack Johnson, incarnate
I'm just waiting for the day he goes on stage barefoot. I like the guy, but is he the best singer? No way. Although he did an excellent job tonight singing "Over the Rainbow," (I mean, seriously -- how cool is it that he played a ukelele?!) he will not win the competition. He'll get a record deal, though. How can we deny the appeal of those thick dreads and crystal blue eyes? His sideways mouth-morphing-on-high-notes thing has got to go, though. Overall, a little too Dave Matthews wanna-be for my tastes. I love Dave Matthews. I don't like guys that want to be Dave Matthews.

Phoney Bologna
This guy drives me nuts. Not only did he steal "his original renditions" from various punk bands of the songs "Eleanor Rigby" and whatever that Lionel Richie song is called, that thing he did tonight with his hand just pushed me over the edge. Writing "give back" on your palm and then placing your hand oh-so-seductively into the camera lense just screams, "I'm attention-starved!" Sure, he may believe in the cause. But it's much more humble to give silently. Trust me, the Fox network does not need David's endorsement. People are going to give and it's going to be wonderful just like it has been in the past.

The sexy, sexy man
Wow. Is this guy smokin', or what? He's drop-dead. He's everything I love in a man. Dark hair, talented, those hands...those curls. Yum. And he can sing! And he has an accent! The guy keeps getting better and better each week. Not sure if he'll beat out Archuleta for the win, but he sure will be around for a while. Love this guy.

The absolute worst
She may have done a decent job tonight with Martina's song, but only Martina can sing a Martina song. This girl has GOT TO GO! The only reason she is still on the show is because of vote for the worst. Never heard of it? Click here. And isn't it funny how she KNOWS she's going to be in the bottom three each week? If she doesn't get kicked off this week, let's at least hope the boot goes to...

"I've never been told I'm not fabulous."
The girl can sing. The girl is pretty. But she is increasingly more obnoxious week after week. She's just not as good as she thinks she is. What is a "working actress" anyway?? I hate that she argues with the judges and masks it by asking these stupid questions everyone knows she doesn't want the answer to. It seems like this child has never been criticized her entire life. She and Kristy need to leave this show, pronto.

Ever notice how Brooke White never sings anything remotely difficult...ever? I mean, ever? All of her songs tend to stick within a very simple range. She capitalizes on the breathiness/sultriness of her voice -- which is very pleasant -- but can she sing a power ballad? No way. She can't hit a high note to save her life. I like that she can play her own instruments, but I was happy to see her in the bottom three last week. I think she is genuine (unlike David Cook), but the meekness is getting old - much like how it got with Melinda Doolittle last year. She's slowly getting on my nerves....but she's got some fabulous outfits!

The Powerhouse
I hope I don't get in trouble for using this image. Ha! I like Carly. I think she's a great singer, she's got some power in her voice. It's a shame that she's already famous in Ireland and pretty much established everywhere else. Ah, well. The girl is a good singer and her personality is infectious (in a good way). I was surprised to see her in the bottom three, but I think she's made her come back. She still won't win...but she'll be in the Top 5.

As far as singing goes, the best singers are definitely Archuleta, Mercado, Johns, and Smithson. The best personalities are Archuleta, White, and Castro. Archuleta has the entire package. Everyone else is lacking in certain areas.

However, only Archuleta and Smithson have been able to give me goose-bumps this season...so...I guess I'd say they are my two favorites....but man, oh, man, that Michael Johns...he changes my Top 2 to my Top 3 based on sexiness alone.

We'll see what happens tomorrow night!

thoughts in my head.

  • I prepped a pot roast this morning. I peeled potatoes and carrots. I seasoned meat. I am officially old.
  • I am wondering how it is humanly possible to house 400+ women and children inside Fort Concho.
  • I would give anything to be a reporter in San Angelo right now.
  • I braved a cleaning at the dentist this afternoon. I didn't get a sticker...but I did get three things of Berrymint floss. It's so yummy, I just want to lick them all.
  • I have a stupid project that needs working on...badly.
  • I wish the school district would hurry up and tell me what I'm teaching next year.
  • Why are peanut butter M&M's so good?
  • American Idol is on tonight and I couldn't be more happy.
  • Why does roast smell so good?
  • I'm sad that the novel I'm reading is almost over. A Thousand Splendid Suns. Simply phenomenal. If I have time, I may write a review for Sara's literary blog. I don't want to finish reading the book, though. That would mean it was over. And I'm not ready to detach myself from the story (or the characters) quite yet.
  • I want all of Lauren Conrad's clothing.
  • Why won't head bands stay on my head?
  • I don't have to go to class tonight. *Insert celebratory remark here!*
  • I miss the sun. It was out yesterday, but left this morning. It hasn't returned.
  • Tyly looks fabulous. Her hard work is inspiring.
  • Chelsey found a nice boy. It makes me so happy to see her bubbly.
  • Why can't I get paid to read books?
  • My husband is silly.
  • OLL isn't getting quite the response I had anticipated. I may nix it.
  • I need to start on that project now.

April 7, 2008


In case you're ever in this situation: Do not, I repeat, do NOT turn on the lights in the bedroom at 9:45 a.m. on a Monday morning when Aaron Webb is still asleep after a long night of taking care of our stupid dog who had to pee, like, three times. You will not like the results.

April 6, 2008

update on OLL.

Yes, my friends, a new post has been...posted on Old Love Letters. It even has pictures! I'm sorry they're blurry - I can't get my scanner to do what it's supposed to do. *sigh.

Keep the contributions coming, if you have them!

April 5, 2008

sometimes i think i see him.

When a teenage boy walks by me at the mall, wearing a baggy t-shirt, wrist bands, and hole-y jeans, I have to stop myself and remember. It's not him. He's gone.

It's been a year since the passing of one my students. I thought I'd remember him today by re-posting what I wrote when I learned of his death.

Drew Griffin sits near my desk in 6th period. Drew has long, brown hair that hangs in his pretty blue eyes. Drew rarely causes trouble and usually has his work turned in on time. Although perhaps not the brightest student, Drew has a very peaceful demeanor about him and I laugh everytime he shuffles through his messy backpack to retreive last night's homework.

Drew Griffin died this weekend.

According to the news and his mama, Drew and some friends were enjoying a picnic alongside the bank of the Arkansas River. They heard a girl screaming for help nearby and immediately jumped into the water to see what was wrong. Drew, an older man, and Drew's friend (a 17 year old) all got swept away in the undertow. They found the older man's body on Sunday. They found Drew and his friend this morning.

No, you are not supposed to swim in the Arkansas River. There are signs posted all around, signaling emminent danger. According to hearsay surrounding the story, Drew died trying to help the young girl. The older man died trying to help Drew.

I found out about his death at the beginning of 7th period today. The other students, at least until the end of the school day, had not heard the news. Imagine reading that email as you're taking attendance and then having to teach a lesson on the Holocaust...and they say teaching is for those who "can't."

Perhaps the most memorable thing about Drew was that without even knowing it, he introduced me to the human element of my students early in the school year. We had to walk each of our classes to a conference room in order for them to get BMI screenings. Each child had to take off their shoes in order to get a proper weight recording. I distinctly remember sitting next to Mrs. Callahan as Drew walked by in his baggy jeans and white socks. I could see the outline of his feet. I leaned over to Mrs. Callahan and said, "It's times like this that you remember these kids are human. They go home after school and kick off their shoes just like the rest of us."

I treated my kids a little differently after that one brief moment when I saw Drew in his white socks. These kids are people. And I must always remember that.

Drew is gone and his desk right beside mine will remain empty. Tomorrow I will face the inevitable challenge of trying to teach a lesson plan and confront the issue at hand with very delicate teenagers in tow.

Drew was one of those students who flew under the radar. He didn't cause trouble, but he didn't necessarily shine like a star, either. He did, however, teach me a valuable lesson months ago that I will carry with me forever. His white socks and his tragic death remind me once again: Life is short, treat people with respect, and we all, teenagers alike, need to kick our shoes off every now and then.

I'll never again see his shaggy hair or his blue eyes. And yes, I'll even miss his messy backpack.

May you sleep with the angels, Drew.

April 4, 2008

bring on the baby butts!

Andy Butts, to be exact.

Aaron and I are baby-sitting for our friends, Jen and Loren Butts tonight. It's Jen's b-day, so they're going out for a night on the town! AND I CANNOT WAIT! We're going over to their house in an hour or so.

Jen informed me that they just bought a 52" extremely wide-screen television, so we're bringing over the Netflix that's been sitting on our coffee table for about three weeks now: Into the Wild. Aaron said he just might have to play a little XBox/Playstation while he's over there, too.

When Aaron found out I was baby-sitting, he sadly asked, "Can I come?" I asked Jen and she said, in true Jen fashion, "Only if he changes the diapers!" Aaron made a disgusted face, but I know deep down that changing diapers doesn't really gross him out. He's going to be such a good Daddy one of these days (no, I'm not pregnant).

Here's to a nice, relaxing, Friday night full of fun movies, big TVs, good husbands, and baby snuggles!!


S.H. always knows about the coolest websites. You can make this fun, little diddy at www.snapshirts.com. It's a compilation of the "most-used" words on your blog. Fun!

April 3, 2008

also known as...

Stole this from Shannon:

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME (first pet, current car):
Rascal Stratus...lol

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME (fave ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe):
Rocky Road Uggs

3. YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN NAME (favorite color, favorite animal):
Red Dog

4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, city where you were born):
Lynne Del Rio

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of your first name):

6. SUPERHERO NAME (2nd favorite color, favorite drink):
Black Martini

7. NASCAR NAME (the first names of your grandfathers):
Michael John (the American Idol!? lol)

8. STRIPPER NAME ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent,favorite candy):
Heavenly Chocolate

9. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME (your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter):
Goddard Galveston

10. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower):
Summer Daisy

11. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing rightnow):
Apple Hoodie

12. HIPPIE NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree):
Branflake Coffee Willow

well, that was fast!

It's just 9:48 a.m. and I'm already home and in my pj's. I've been home for about twenty minutes. My interview was at nine.

It went so well!! It lasted a whopping 14 minutes!

I was greeted by our wonderful personnel director at the front door and she walked me into this conference room where EIGHT principals sat and stared at me....holy cow!! It was a little scary!

They asked me about 10 standard questions that they ask everyone (according to the personnel director) and I think I answered them the way I was supposed to. I used the buzz words, but I was also honest and "real." I was natural; I didn't lie. I told them how I felt. And I think they appreciated that.

One principal kept complimenting my suit...I guess I picked the perfect outfit, after all. She said she wanted to know where I got it so she could buy it for her daughter who's in the Miss ______ (insert my hometown in the blank for security reasons) Pageant this weekend. I was flattered. I told her I got it years ago, but that if her daughter could fit into a size 8 she could borrow it. Ha! She said, "I might have to look your number up in Personnel!" That made me feel great!!

They also asked if I had a preference between K-4 or 4-8. I stupidly said, "I'll take anything you offer!" I didn't realize that meant they might offer me middle school or junior high...uggggh. After the interview, the Personnel Director walked me out and I told her that I am leaning more toward K-4. *sigh. I just didn't want to rule anything out in front of all the important people.

So, now it's a waiting game. They have to figure out who's leaving, retiring, blah blah blah, and then they'll find a place for me!

I had completely forgotten that my leave of absence guarantees me a place in the district. DUH!! So, I will have a job somewhere...let's just hope it's the perfect fit!

Thanks for your prayers and advice and for being generally wonderful! :)

shakin' in my...pumps?

My interview is in T-minus one hour, six minutes, and counting...

I should probably get ready, huh?

I'm drinking my coffee and eating cereal and trying to ignore the funny feeling in my stomach. I'm so nervous!!!!!

Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it!

April 2, 2008

inhale. exhale. it's all okay.

Everything's gonna be alright.

I have reached a decision: I'm going for elementary.

After much thinking and thinking and wondering and wondering and praying and praying and talking and talking, I am happy with my decision.

Journalism, I've decided, is just too big of a beast for me to handle right now while I'm finishing grad school. I don't expect elementary to be a walk in the park, but what won me over is that when I think about taking the Journalism job, I get scared. I get a nervous, anxious, very ugly feeling in my gut. When I think about elementary, my heart skips a little. I smile. I feel happy. And that to me, my friends, is the most important thing.

Aaron and I had a great talk on the way to school last night. Concerning this situation in the past, Aaron hasn't been the most supportive husband. He always offered "quick fixes" to everything and thought logically. And it didn't help. If you've ever read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Last night, however, he really listened to my concerns. And the more he listened, the more he understood. The more he understood, the more he could offer help. We put our heads together and finally concluded that elementary is what I will do. And that's that.

Despite prodding for taking the Journalism position, I feel like I am making the best decision for me at this time. Like I said, Journalism is a huge beast. And I'm not sure I'm willing to tackle that right now. It scares me too much. It makes me squirm. Will I regret this decision? Maybe. But right now, I am following my gut...and a woman's intuition is seldom wrong.

I would still like to teach Journalism...just at another place and another time.

I am about to dive into my closet to find the perfect interview outfit. I am going to mentally prepare myself today to answer those questions tomorrow. I'm going to pray for the right words and most importantly, I am going to be excited and content knowing I made the right decision...for me.

And just to add irony to the mix - anyone read the story that was released yesterday about the 3rd graders in Georgia who plotted to kill their teacher?

April 1, 2008

vomitar: that sinking feeling.

My spirits were up today when I thought about my plans for next year, but then I stupidly logged on to the school website and saw this.

Yes, that's right. A wide-open, ready to snag, totally in my reach high school Journalism position.

I could wretch.

I've always, always, always wanted to teach high school Journalism. It was my major for goodness sake and the field in which I am getting my Master's. And the moment I decide to transfer to an elementary position, the very day I get an interview scheduled...I see an opening for something I've wanted open for years.

Is it too late to change my mind? Is it too late to apply? Probably not. But a big part of me wonders if it's worth it. The reason I am not jumping at the opportunity is because our chances of living here for longer than one more school year are pretty slim. In other words, we'll be moving...soon...far, far, away...I think.

That's what makes me so sick. We may be moving. We might be moving. We could possibly be moving. And I don't want to start a program from the ground up, work every day until the evening, and work on the weekends for something so temporary. I'd put in so much work and then...poof! Be leaving the position after one year. That seems foolish. And wasteful. And harmful to the kids that need consistency in a program like Journalism. *sigh.

I could wretch.

Teaching elementary would be good because I would get the experience and if we do move after one year, the blow is not as huge. The kids would move on to the next grade and that would be that. In Journalism, however, you have the same kids for three years...and leaving after one year would just be cruel. I doubt I'd even know what I was doing until two years into it, anyhow.

But oh, what an opportunity! Who would they hire with better credentials!? This makes me want to pull my hair out!!!!

I feel like I'm settling now. I was excited about the prospect of teaching little kids...and now I'm losing sight of that completely. I have to remember what I disliked about high school, right? Keep reminding myself of why everyday for me was miserable...I need to remember that I need new surroundings, new motivation. I need new faculty, a new principal, new curriculum, a new building, a fresh start...and that's what elementary would provide.

But dammit to hell. Why is the timing of this so sickeningly unkind? I feel like I've been betrayed by my best friend.

The nausea ensues.
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