May 31, 2008

i love me some saturday.

I get to play all day on the computer and not feel bad about it. Husband is happily watching Austin Powers in the living room. We have plans to go to a baseball game tonight with all of our friends.

Life is good, my friends.

May 30, 2008

once more.

Here's another design. I really should get ready for class now...


I've been messing with my blog today instead of homework. Oh well. It's not quite finished and I'm not sure I even like it, but it's been fun playing! You, too, can play. Click here.

More to come later.

May 29, 2008

nothing's fine, i'm torn.

This is a serious matter, y'all.

Watch the Spurs game-five biggie, and in doing so, delete tonight's episode of So You Think You Can Dance?

Delete tonight's season finale of Lost in order to watch the Spurs?

Do a paper that's due tomorrow or watch P.S. I Love You with my wonderful husband?

Life is soooo hard!!! (lol).

May 28, 2008

for the record...

  • ...Arkansas History sucks. It's boring and long and full of things I already knew. Blah. We have tomorrow off, though -- thank God -- and then the last day will be Friday. Talk about crash course!
  • ...taking two months of birth control pills without having your period in-between is not a good idea. In fact, it's a horrible idea. I have been bloated for the last month. I seriously look like I'm 5 months pregnant at all times. No clothes fit. I continued taking the pills so as not to be on my period while we were vacationing in Atlanta. Never again. I want my period now!!
  • husband has spent the day in Arizona. He woke up in Arkansas, went to Arizona to drop off a "dead" plane at the Boneyard, and will be back in Arkansas sometime in the wee hours of this morning. What a day job he has! Lucky bastard.
  • ...I had an amazing idea today after dancing in my bathroom in front of the mirror for about 20 minutes: Someone should invent curriculum for an aerobics class called "Rockstar Aerobics." I mean, seriously, you know we ALL bathroom/bedroom/living room dance when no one's around. How much fun would it be to be able to dance like an idiot AND lose weight at the same time? I might be on to something here.
  • ...I really need to learn how to teach Spelling. I have a binder for every other subject and all other things second grade, but n-o-t-h-i-n-g on Spelling.
  • ...I think I want to be a lawyer in another life. I seriously love learning about law cases. And I find law classes come pretty easily to me. Food for thought.
  • ...I absolutely, in no way, want a
  • ...I'm sleepy.

the time has come...

Uhm, Sex and the City will be released in two days. I'm going to see it on Sunday. I don't think I can wait that long.

Did you know its 2 hours and 15 minutes long?!

And that there's graphic language and nudity? Yesssssssssssssss!

*happy dance!*

May 27, 2008


I had my second yoga session this morning and it was even better than the first one! Although I still yet to have arms like Madonna, abs like Britney Spears (circa 2002), or legs like Stacy Kiebler, I do truly feel wonderful after class.

It really gets the blood flowing, kind of like how your body feels after a good massage. Our teacher is wonderful (and so damn flexible!) and everyone in class is really nice. It's such a good way to start the day. I wish I could do this every morning.

I think it's slowly becoming official: I just might be a yogi, after all.

May 26, 2008

baby fever strikes again!!

Be sure to read my other post below. (That sounds so narcissistic, but whatever).

I'm crazy. I've spent the last two hours looking at baby bedding and nursery ideas. I told Aaron and he said, "But you're not even pregnant!" LoL. Ah, well. If and when Aaron and I decide to have babies, I think I like these bedding options. This might be stupid, but I say it's always better to be prepared. I even made folders on the computer of pictures and links...yup, definitely crazy.

For baby girl Webb: (the first three are my favorites, but I had to copy the link for the second one. The image wouldn't show up for some reason).

Click to see the second one here.

For baby boy Webb: (I think the first two are my favorites, just without all the busy accessories).

My poor husband...

is arkansas a southern state?

Note: This was an assignment for my Arkansas History course. I thought it might make a good post. Enjoy!

Is Arkansas a Southern state?

I’m from the country of Texas. Yes, I said country. And if you ask anyone born and raised there, they’ll tell you the same thing. There’s a certain pride, and what some might call arrogance, that we Texans carry, no matter where life takes us. And although Texas is technically in the South, we Texans don’t refer to ourselves as “Southerners.” We are, quite simply, Texans. As a result of my husband’s service in the Air Force, life has taken this Texan to Arkansas. As a product of this displacement, when asked to ponder the notion of whether Arkansas is a Southern state, my first inclination was to retort, “Is the Pope Catholic?”

Although Texas and Arkansas border one another, their differences abound. For instance, in Texas, you have a plethora of choices when it comes to rooting for a college football team. You can endorse a longhorn, a maroon thumb, a cowboy, a mustang, the list goes on and on. But only in Arkansas do people pay homage, on bended knee with hands raised high, to porcine. To not engage in hog-worship in Arkansas is considered a sin, defamation of all things divinely pig. In Arkansas, it’s either “woo pig sooie” or, well, nothing at all.

Secondly, it seems that Arkansans have a excessive fascination with hunting, another characteristic of what I would deem a Southern state. It both took me by surprise and humbled me when I asked a former student of mine if she was wearing camouflage coveralls to school as joke. She wasn’t. And neither were the other students that day at Cabot High School. Silly me: it was opening day of deer season. Students were disgusted that I didn’t know of this important event and even more disgusted when I refused to allow them to miss the test simply because they had “some killin’ to do.” I also noticed that children in Arkansas wear “waders” to school after a heavy rain. In Texas, we call those hideous rubber things “galoshes,” and avoid them at all costs; not so in Arkansas. Not only are “waders” practical in the eyes of Arkansans, they’re also considered quite fashionable.

Additionally, I knew that Arkansas was a Southern state within the first few months of living here when I opened my hometown paper and saw a wedding announcement with the headline, “Couple celebrates John Deere wedding.” At first, I thought it was a joke. Surely, this was something featured on Jay Leno’s “funny headline” segment. Not so. As it turns out, the couple got married in a barn. The groom wore denim overalls and a John Deere boutonnière, while the bride wore a lovely, white gown, John Deere flip-flops, and a John Deere ribbon in her hair. And if that wasn’t enough to add to the already-established stereotype, the couple celebrated their honeymoon at Bass Pro Shop in Branson, Missouri. In my opinion, it doesn’t get much more Southern than that.

Aside from the quirks of Arkansas culture that make this state’s people who they are, there is another, and more important reason, why I believe Arkansas is a Southern state. There is a certain sensibility that only Southerners have: the ability to show kindness to strangers, a strong sense of family values, and an incessant delight in the simple things of this life. Wooden rocking chairs on front porches, mama making homemade biscuits on Sunday morning, and the slow, steady pace of life make Arkansas unique, (a tad bit beautiful), and most definitely, definably Southern.

Why am I looking at nursery designs? Why? Why? Why?!!?

May 22, 2008

why second-graders kick ass.

Scene: I'm walking in the hallway between lunch and activity period. I am carrying a notebook, a binder, and several other "teacher" things. A young boy with dark hair approaches me.

Boy: Hi, what's your name?

Me: Mrs. Webb. What's your name?

Boy: (hugging me) Mason.

Me: Well, nice to meet you Mason! What grade you are in?

Mason: Second. I'll be going to 3rd next year.

Me: Really? That's great! Who's your teacher?

Mason: Mrs. Smith.

Me: Which one? (There are two Smith second-grade teachers).

Mason: The one over there (pointing to his classroom).

Me: Cool! Well, have a good day, Mason!

Mason: Ok! (hugs me again).

Aren't little kid hugs around your thighs just the best things, ever? And they're even better when they come from kids whom you don't even know. To love like a simply amazing.

coffee between my toes.

It does not bode well for the rest of the day when, after filling the coffee filter with coffee grains (oh-so-gingerly), one proceeds to drop the entire (family, mega sized) tub of Folger's all over the tile floor and one's bare feet.

Wish I could say it felt like walking on the beach....but it didn't.

May 21, 2008

baby dawson!

Is born! She's great! She's as cute as can be! She has a beautiful Mommy who doesn't even look like she went through any sort of labor. And...she's nameless...

So, I've decided to name her myself by randomly choosing two names (a first and a middle) from my baby name book. Therefore, she shall be called: Imogene Colleen Dawson. (Lol).

Ok, seriously, all kidding aside, the baby is gorgeous, Shaunna is gorgeous, and wow, this whole thing has made me pretty emotional all day. Yesterday, there was no baby. Today, there is a baby. And tomorrow, Laura brings Wyatt into this world. I tell ya, this is all a bit overwhelming for me; I can only imagine what the PARENTS are going through. What a beautiful, stressful, wonderful experience this must be.

One day, day...

the truth rises. it always does.

So, here's the dark side of our Atlanta trip. Enjoy!

This is by far the best picture, ever.

Lovin' this one, too.

I actually made this face on purpose.

May 20, 2008

atlanta: where the playas play.

Here's a slideshow from *some* of our Atlanta outings. You'll see pictures from our visit to the World of Coke, the CNN Center (Oh my gosh, a journalist's dream!), and our cookout the last night of our stay over at Chad's aunt and uncle's house.

Luckily, I forgot to bring my camera the night we went to Rio Grande and then to Twisted Taco. Cassandra had three margaritas over dinner and before she knew it, was dancing the Cupid Shuffle with the restaurant. I'm sure pictures will surface on someone's facebook, though...

We had such a good time catching up with everyone; I was sad to go.

What all did I do? I got to eat Chipotle twice, see my bff, visit with Chad and Kelly, hang out in really nice rich-people houses, go shopping, read off a teleprompter at CNN in front of about 50 people (which seriously made me doubt my teaching career because it was so much fun and right up my alley), get lost in downtown, be victim of auto vandalism (some thugs/crackheads busted out a window in Dom's rental), listen to a 6-year-old speak Hebrew, pet the sweetest dog named Annie, get baby hugs and cuddles, watch American Idol while eating two bowls of popcorn, sing "Free Bird" in a kitchen, drink soda from Djibouti, Africa, shop at a Harry's Fresh Market, and...that's all I can remember for now.

Anyhow, here are some pictures. As more surface (which I know they will), I will add to the collection:

arkansas history and yoga?

As a requirement for my Arkansas elementary teaching license, I have to take an Arkansas History course. It started last night. It's awful. Monday through Friday, 4 p.m. to 8:40 p.m. for the next nine days. Pray for me.

I also started my yoga class this morning at Yoga You. Unlike the Arkansas history course, yoga was fabulous!! I bought my own mat today and cannot wait to go back next week! My back feels completely stretched out and I could literally feel the blood circulating in my legs and arms. What a great way to start the day.

Now, however, I must do more GA stuff (yes, I STILL have that monkey on my back), and I need to study my geography notes from last night's class for a quiz tonight. Ugh!

May 19, 2008


I can't believe I forgot to tell my blogger buddies that I was going to Altanta for five days. the way, I went to Atlanta for five days.

That's where I was. But now I'm back.

Expect pictures and an update soon.

May 12, 2008


I have my "girl appointment" in t-minus two hours and counting. Need I say more?

May 11, 2008

toot-tooting my own horn.

I just received this email concerning a major project I completed last week for my Media Law class:


You did a good job on your radio project, tying for the highest score in the class. Your weakest points involved the public forum argument and FCC arguments, which could have used more support, but not to worry.

Bruce Plopper

Nice!! Now go read about my weekend below!

weekend update: with pictures.

For starters, I finally got these disastrous roots taken care of. I didn't realize my hair had grown out so much until I saw the pictures from the Hines' wedding. Why didn't my husband tell me I looked like a crack whore!?

I don't have a picture of the "after," but you can imagine if you try: All of the hair on my head now matches the two-inch roots you see below. Gross. I'm back to my natural color...and it feels good. Or something. We finally got the roof fixed on our house from the tornado that whipped through Arkansas about two months ago. Yes, it's taken that long to get someone to commit to fixing it. Here are some before and after pictures. I had to take the "before" pictures from my car as I was heading out to run some errands. I didn't want the workers to think I was some ignorant "White" person taking pictures of the "illegals" doing work on my roof. So, I snuck a few in.

For you Spanish-speaking folk: Antes
Y despues:
I think it turned out pretty nice. Ignore the dead shrub on our front porch. It needs to go. Actually, so do the rest of them. They're too big. Azaleas would be much nicer...anyway...

As you know, my husband is currently in Del Rio for the air show. Friday night I was feeling a little blue because I was up here by myself working on a paper about the Tet offensive during Vietnam, and he was with my parents eating fried chicken and home-made potato salad. *Sigh. I called them up and told them I wished I could have been there. The next day, Saturday, I get a knock on my door. The flower lady says, "Miss Webb?" I say, "Yes." She said, "These are for you! Happy Mother's Day!" Happy Mother's Day? What the...

Turns out, they are NOT Happy Mother's Day flowers, but are, instead, "we miss you" flowers from my sweet, sweet family. The card says, "Love you and miss you. Mom, Dad, and Aaron." I cried a little. I called Aaron and asked whose idea it was...he said , "I don't know" in a coy, flirty manner. "It was your idea?" I asked. He laughed and said, "No, but I wish it was!" My sweet mama had ordered flowers for me to brighten my day a little bit. And it sure did work!

Despite working some more on the paper, I also went to a cookout yesterday. I ended up staying longer than I had expected....uh...8 hours...but I was having so much fun that I didn't want to leave! Here are some pictures of the festivities!

One of the co-pilots brought along his "crawfish boiling" machine...or thingie...he purchased 50 pounds of crawfish and it was "interesting" watching them get cooked. I have to admit, that I was a crawfish-eating virgin until yesterday. Although I'm from the "South," we don't do much crawfish boiling in Texas. So...I decided to join in. It was very messy and the meat tasted kind of like shrimp. Not too sure it's worth the mess if you're only going to eat one like I did. Ha!

Before the second batch of crawfish went in the boiler, some dudes decided to see if the crawfish would fight each other. Is this legal, I wondered.

Here's a picture of about half the party mingling in the garage. Everyone else was in the back.

Here's some of the women-folk at the party.
Some of my favorite people in the world: Sarah, Shannon, and Sarah's husband, Justin.
Here's a few shots of the cutest baby, ever. His name is Noah and I just met his mama yesterday. So cute, this little guy! Look at those eyes and pudgy hands!!

Here's Janae and Will. Will, of course, is acting foolish. And do people still seriously do bunny ears these days!?
Toward the end of the evening, people were engaging in a game called "Flippy Cup." I had never heard of it before, so my interest was piqued. Here's a shot of Team Shannon's victory.

I decided to play one round -- never again. Although my flipping skills were impeccable, I slowed my team down significantly because I took too long to drink the beer in the cup. Later on in the night, teams were divided: Pilots vs. Navigators. I knew then that it was probably time to head home!

So, that was my weekend. Today I plan on cleaning this house, going to Wal-Mart for some staple groceries (NooooOOOOOOooooooOOOooooo!!!!), and working more on this stupid paper that's due tomorrow. How exciting.

May 10, 2008

air show.

Here's a picture my Mom sent me of Aaron today at the Laughlin air show.

Poor guy. It was 105 degrees outside this afternoon! His flight suit looks like it's hanging off of him. He was HOT!

He said he had a good time, though. He got to talking to lots of kids about the plane and before he continued, they said, "No English." Oops! He felt bad that he couldn't talk to them in Spanish. Ah, well.

So, there he is. My pilot man. He's cute. I love him.

P.S. He is earning mega points this weekend. He's spent both nights with my parents. I think it's sweet that he chose to hang out with them instead of his friends...when he knows he totally doesn't have to.

May 8, 2008

my precious husband.

He just called from Atlanta. He sounded sleepy and sad. He was all excited about this trip this morning. I had to practically tackle him to get a hug before he left! So, I asked him what was wrong.

He said, "I want to be home," then sighed.

I love my husband for loving his home.

Four more days...

finally famous!

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