November 30, 2008

pampered chef and christmas threw up in my living room.

We got back from Texas yesterday and let me tell ya - it's good to be home! We had a great time in Del Rio, but there's nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed, is there?

I received my $700 worth of Pampered Chef goodies today and I am so, so happy! No, I didn't spend $700, that's just the amount of stuff I got for hosting a party. I paid about $250 for it all. Incredible! I had a blast opening each and every item. It was like an early Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, Aaron and I got "the tree" out of the storage unit this afternoon and we also went up into the attic and retrieved the additional Christmas gear. My living room is a mess! I think I'm going to decorate everything during the week sometime and save "the tree" for this weekend when Aaron can help. It's no fun setting up "the tree" alone!

I am very thankful this holiday season because my husband is home for Christmas! I didn't even get decorations out last year - that would have been too depressing. I really did not want to venture out into the cold today and get the tree and other things. But...he's here this time.

And that alone is worth it.

November 22, 2008

del rio or bust.

The blogging may be a little slow around here for the next week or so. Like the Pat Green song, Aaron and I are southbound 35 all the way to the border (Well, ok you have to get on highway 90 eventually, but whatever).!

We seriously need a break from Arkansas and there's no better place to be than Texas anyway, where people know your name and the skies are not cloudy all day.

I have packed three books, a Netflix, and four different sets of pajamas.

Bring on the sloth that is the holiday season! Bring it on!

November 21, 2008

a great email!

I gave the graduate school the report of your examining committee (which I will send a copy of to you Monday for a keepsake) today. It was signed by all members of your committee. You have earned a masters of arts in journalism from UALR. Congratulations.


oh, there you are, peter!

This is a sad thing to admit, but I had never seen the movie Hook until last night! It was on TBS this weekend and I decided to record it. I finally got around to watching it last night and

This scene made me cry like a baby. So did the one when he finally uses his imagination at the dinner table. But this scene. I don't know. It just kills me. If you've seen the movie, maybe you can understand?

November 20, 2008

pictures on backflip!!!!

I am so excited to say that Backflip Photography had its first ever clients and the pictures are up and running! Go check it out, make sure the song is playing, and enjoy! I would love feedback, as long as it's not TOO mean. I'm serious - try not to hurt my feelings. Ha! I don't like how small the pictures show up in the slide show, but there were just SO MANY good ones that I couldn't limit myself to just posting 2 or 3 the normal way.

And when I say "SO MANY good ones" I'm not gloating. It's really because the Tates were so amazing! Of the 190 shots I took of them, about 85-90 of them were edit-worthy. Seriously! That's how great these two are! They were so much fun to work with. It was so good, in fact, that it never once felt like work. Wow.

So, there ya go. The first ever album. Tell all your friends.

Am happy.

"a good young couple, those two."

Page 56Rules:

* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence here.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

From The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks.

November 19, 2008


It's 1:38 a.m. and I am dog-tired. I cannot imagine posting pictures on Backflip right now, but I will tomorrow.

Here's one of my favorites from today - and this will most likely be their album cover. I'll have my "most special" of all their 190 shots (!!) posted soon...which is going to be hard to narrow down since the Tates are so darn photogenic!! Goodnight.

P.S. Sue is due in 4 weeks!

November 18, 2008

add backflip.

Please add Backflip Photography to your blogroll to see updates and things. There should be an update sometime this evening! :)

November 17, 2008

here goes...everything?

The Reba/Kelly concert was amazing. But you already knew that. One of the best parts about it was that "Barbra Jean" (a.k.a. Melissa Peterman) opened the show with a comedy act. She was hilarious. Ah, good times. I didn't get any pictures because, well, my crappy point-and-shoot just didn't do the job.

Speaking of cameras, here it comes.

Oh boy.

I've spent the last three days or so creating something that makes me really nervous. Remember my rant about wanting a job that makes me want to do back flips? Well, as of this weekend, Backflip Photography is borneth. Or something.

Yes, people, I am trying my hand at taking pictures for mula.

It makes me all fluttery inside my chest and a little sick to my stomach, but here it is. I present to you, Backflip Photography. There's not a whole lot on there yet, but I've got my first session booked for tomorrow.

(And yes, I am painfully aware that my "website" looks like a friends of ours', but I fought tooth and nail to find a site elsewhere. It just wasn't happening for free, and I hate that I've "copied" her in this way...but hers is just so good). Ugh.

Ok, I'm gonna go vomit now. Enjoy?

November 15, 2008

i've failed to mention...

that I am going to see Reba and Kelly tonight!!!

How great is that!? (Despite your opinion concerning their music, they are freakin' mega stars and Lana and I have great seats and that's all that matters).

Ahhhh!! So excited!!

P.S. This makes me cry:

November 14, 2008


As always, things got better. We duked it out, I mean TALKED it out, when he got home and everything is fine now.

I also took a look at my pills and realized....DUN DUN is definitely PMS time. That explains a lot.

So yeah, everything is fine again. Yay!

On another note, I am so ready to go Christmas shopping!! I have no idea what I'm buying for anyone, but I want to shop, shop, shop! Aaron seriously needs to transfer our Christmas "savings account" to checking so I can get started!!

I love the holidays :)

November 13, 2008


I've got another post below this one, just in case you were wondering.

This is what I did today instead of doing the laundry or cleaning the kitchen or...anything.

It was good for me. The sun is always good. Fall is good.

now what?

It was a great feeling - a super great feeling - to turn in my paper yesterday.

I had no idea that it would leave me feeling so...lost.

For the rest of the day, I fell into quite a depression. It reminded me of a sermon/inspirational-something I once heard about a NFL player who became depressed after he and his team won the Super Bowl. The sadness comes in asking yourself, " what?" You can't go any higher. You feel like you've hit the top. And there's nothing left to do, nothing left to strive for anymore.

I am not equating my silly project with winning the Super Bowl...but in a way, the idea is the same. What do I do now?

This is what I wanted, yes. But now that it's over...I feel sort of empty inside.

What do I spend my days doing now? I could get a job. I'd like a job. But I want a job that makes me do back flips.

Back flips? Yes, back flips.

Aaron and I were talking about all this when he got home last night and he told me he heard yet another sermon/inspirational thing on the radio about Ozzy (sp?) Smith -- the baseball player who would run out on the field and do, literally, back flips. When asked why he did such a thing, Smith just said, "Because I love baseball." (Or something to that degree).

To have a job like that is the ultimate goal. I don't want to work for the sake of working. I want it to mean something; I want to be inspired. I don't want to be a member of the rat race. I want a job that makes me want to do back flips.

On another note, Aaron and I got in the stupidest fight last night and I had the worst sleep of my life. Yes, we went to bed angry. Ugh, it stresses me out.

I asked him nicely if he could pat down/towel off the dog because Tex had been outside in the mud and we were headed to bed. He said he'd do it "in a little bit." (The worst and most annoying answer of all time).

I got on the computer and about 20 minutes later, Aaron was asleep on the couch. I asked him if he had toweled off Tex yet. His reply, "No, just leave him in his crate." (We never just leave him in his crate at night).

I asked, "All night?"

He said, "Yeah, I just don't feel like doing it."

I said, "That's the only reason you want to leave him in the crate?"

He said, (quite arrogantly), "Yeah."

I got mad at this point and said, "Fine, I'll just do it."

So I did it.

I went to the bedroom and he called out, "You goin' to bed?"

I said (quite rudely), "Yes!"

He walks in to the bedroom and throws his book on the dresser.

I said, "You were just being lazy!"

He said, "I know! And since you wanted it done so badly, you got it done."

This is a recap of what took place in that moment, IN MY HEAD:

I went to the bathroom and did my routine before getting to bed. By the time I got out, he was in his pouty sleeping position and ignored me while I got in bed.

I read a book, I watched TV.

Meanwhile, he snored.

He gets to be lazy and rude, while I end up doing the work and not sleeping. Totally fair.


I think we're still in a fight because I didn't touch him at all last night...which is also why I didn't sleep very well. I wish he'd learn how to say sorry or try to make things better. He just gets mad and shuts down when he knows he's in the wrong. It's like he's more mad at himself for being an ass instead of being mad at me.

I know I could be the better person and makes things better, but quite frankly, I'm tired of always being the one who fixes everything. I know, I know, I should still do it anyway, but....ugh. It always make me feel like a door mat.

I guess it's a bad day.

November 12, 2008


What's better than a big, heaping pile of Chicken Pad Thai from Pei Wei, an ice-cold Coca Cola, warm, zebra-print pajamas, a comprehensive project finished and submitted, a gray, rainy day, and CMAs on in a few hours?

Not much, my friends, not much.

P.S. Have I told you I've given in to the craze? Yes, I just bought Twilight at Wal-Mart. This is soooo not my type of book, but I've been told the series is amazing by, oh, a million people. I am going to finish my latest Jodi Picoult book, Keeping Faith -- which sucks, by the way -- and then I'll start Twilight. Does anyone know what the second book of the series is called? Life is so, so good.

November 11, 2008

the lack of blogging is due to the following:

Remember the countdown ticker that once indicated that I had 14 some odd days to complete my comps project?

I laugh in the face of my countdown ticker for...THE PROJECT IS DONE (three days before deadline)!!

I am about to finalize it in terms of page numbers, cover sheet, etc. and then I am TURNING IT IN TOMORROW!

I am going to up to the university tomorrow for a graduation meeting and I have full intentions to drop off my paper, in all its glory, while I'm up there.

Now it's just a waiting game. Will I get approved for graduation? Will I not?

This is so exciting! I am so close to a master's degree I can almost touch it! What a sweet, sweet day it will be when that diploma is in my hands.

Here's hopin'!

November 9, 2008

where was i?

1 minute ago: taking the roasted tomatoes out of the oven.

1 day ago: at a passion party! ow! ow!

1 week ago: hanging out, working on my paper...always.

1 month ago: same as above.

3 years ago: Teaching 10th grade English.

5 years ago: My junior year of college, lovin' it.

7 years ago: Freshman year of college, having the best time of my life!!

10 years ago: 1998? I was a high school sophomore. Awww :)

November 8, 2008

pampered chef, anyone?

If anyone is interested in purchasing Pampered Chef items for the holidays (or for yourself), you can purchase items through me from now until Wednesday by going to this site:

If you do choose to buy anything, enter my name as Cassandra Webb.

If you have any questions, let me know.

So ends my selfish plug.

But really, Pampered Chef is FABULOUS! And if you haven't bought Christmas presents yet, their site has a lot of great gift ideas. All orders will be shipped in PLENTY of time for Christmas.


November 6, 2008


There's nothing worse than food that doesn't turn out the way you anticipated!

I tried making these chocolate-filled cupcakes (sounds amazing, right?) tonight for my Pampered Chef party tomorrow and yeah...they aren't that amazing.

How disappointing!!

P.S. Selfish plug: If anyone is interested in buying some Pampered Chef products for Christmas presents, I'm your woman. Their stuff is awesome! (unlike my cupcakes). Just holla if you want anything and you can order through me. :)

15 quirks of yours truly.

Feel free to copy and paste. I'd like to read everyone else's!

1. Andrea Bocelli makes me cry like an infant.
2. I think a Starbucks cup in hand is the perfect fashion accessory for all seasons.
3. I realized tonight that I can't write without or a cardigan.
4. I do better with paperwork when my nails are painted.
5. The same is true for reading books. It just feels prettier.
6. My butt is progressively getting larger and larger...and I like it. I'm channeling Jessica Biel.
7. I toss my husband's trash and dirty laundry he's left laying on the floor in his closet for him to deal with later.
8. I have to sit on the right side of our couch.
9. I have to turn off the big light in our living room and switch on the floor lamp and end table lamp when we're watching TV at night.
10. I like the smell of gasoline fumes. Always have.
11. My stomach always pooches out by the end of every day. Why?!
12. I still like driving my truck, despite those darn intolerable gas prices of a few months ago.
13. Every time I am alone in a parking lot, I mentally run through scenarios that involve myself killing an attacker. I usually think of the most painful way to get the job done.
14. I love checking the mail everyday.
15. I danced with pom-poms yesterday for the first time at the gym during Cardio Dance Party; it made me feel like the cheerleader I never was...and now I'm addicted.

November 5, 2008

clarity comes in the morning?

So, yeah, I was frustrated.

Still am.

But there is research to do and errands to run. Life goes on.

I've posted a note on facebook, if you're interested. I would put it here...but I'm not sure I can handle all the backlash today. If you want to read it, go on facebook and read it. Or not.

November 4, 2008

y'all ready to share the wealth?


My husband's new Commander-in-Chief is Barack Hussein Obama.

Let me display my excitement: Woo. Hoo.

P. S. I can't wait to work harder for the sake of people who refuse to work at all! Such a joyous night!

November 3, 2008

wake me when it's all over.

And no, I'm not talking about my comps project.

I'm referring to the election. I just don't want it to happen.

I have made a point to not air my feelings about this election on my blog...but I guess now is the time. If it offends you, I am sorry.

I really don't have much to say. I had a lot to say months and months ago. But now? Not a whole lot.

Here's my feelings (in a very small nutshell):

Neither candidate is going to change the world. Neither candidate is going to keep my husband from deploying to the Middle East. Neither candidate is going to do anything as far as my personal economy is concerned because my husband is amazing and we are absolutely and totally secure in that arena (investments, funds, mortgages, health insurance, etc.). If that's a totally elitist viewpoint, so be it. In an ideal Obama world, we would all be our brother's keeper, but we're not. Where was my sister's keeper when she was being beaten to death? It's a dog-eat-dog world and certain policy promises, quite frankly, do not apply to me. And those that do are just empty.

With all that in mind, I am rooting for the underdog: McCain. Yes, I said it.

Knowing full well that neither candidate is going to rock my world or bring peace and happiness to this nation (how's that for optimism?), I am opting to support McCain for two main reasons. 1). His service in the military. Call me biased, but having your shoulders broken while being tortured in a POW camp kind of hits home for me...just a little. 2). The conviction in his voice during the last debate. I don't know why, but I couldn't even watch it the whole way through. It was making me so sad. He seemed so desperate to get his points across. He looked defeated -as he may well be - but it was then that I felt like he wanted it more than the other guy. It's like the kid on the baseball team who's maybe not quite as good as the other boys, or popular, but tries with all his heart when he finally gets the chance to play. I don't know; maybe I'm just crazy.

Either way, McCain-Palin '08.

I won't be surprised whatsoever if Obama wins...but I won't be surprised if McCain pulls this off, either.

We shall see...and no, I will not sleep through the polling results. I'll be up watching, just like everyone else...I just don't want to look.

November 2, 2008

goal: december graduation.

If I can get my paper done in 12 days, I'm pretty sure I can graduate in December. That's a lot of late nights, people.

Can she do it!?!?

November 1, 2008

halloween '08.

Here are some pictures from last night's festivities. Beehives are fun!

Mr. Clean and his doting housewife.

That bald cap was a pain in the butt! Like the eyebrows? Those were my idea ;)

Lucy and me in the kitchen -- where we belong.


I believe the quote that accompanied this outfit was: "This costume arouses me."


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