February 28, 2009

just a quick update.

Aaron finally made the cover of People. Not sure why they're calling him George Clooney, but whatever. And I thought I'd post a photo of myself after 28 workouts. Incredible results, no?

February 27, 2009

more about swallows.

I found this and now I want the swallow tat even more. Read on:

"The swallow, as well as bluebirds and sparrows, has always had a symbolic meaning for sailors because, before modern navigation technology, these birds were usually the first sign that land was near. A swallow tattoo for a sailor reflected his hope of coming home safely.

Another fact is that swallows return home every year, no matter where they are. Every year, Mission San Juan Capistrano in California plays host to this wonder of nature . A flock of the tiny birds numbering in the tens or even hundreds of thousands descends upon the mission in a grand display of the workings of migration."

I also read that swallows mate for life...

tattoo idea part 2

So Erica had some interesting insight: Braille!

Wow! I never thought of that. And how meaningful and profound...blindness. If I got Aaron's initials it's like once was blind, but now I see. Is that stupid?

I found this picture of a tattoo that sort of gives me inspiration. I'd want more of a swallow-looking bird and I'd like it less cartoon-ish and more realistic looking. I do like the colors, though, and I ESPECIALLY like how it looks like it's hiding under its wings. Finding rest in the shadow of your wings? Something like that...

So maybe a pretty swallow in its natural resting place (tucked inside its own wing) with Aaron's initials in braille around/on top of it? Ya know, you're the only place that feels like home? Or something...

Click here to see the Braille alphabet.

February 26, 2009

bathroom makeover (or what cass does when aaron is gone).

Our guest bathroom needed some work. It still had all the stuff I had in my college bathroom...need I say more? It was a Texas theme and it will surely be missed. But alas, it was time to move on.

Here are some before pictures (with commentary, of course).

The beautiful view upon entering our guest bathroom. Cheap Walmart rugs and all!

Yup, this really was on the wall.

The lovely array of navy and red towels. Oh so matchy-matchy and hung on the wooden peg thingie from the previous owners who used this bathroom for their baby boys.

The sink and toilet view and the GOD AWFUL counter top. I don't know what the person was thinking when they decided to install a nasty blue marble counter in one bathroom and a BLACK marble counter in the other. Gross!!! I am getting this replaced soon. Nevermind that I've been saying that for four years.

Oh Texas, my Texas shower curtain. This was cool 6 years ago.

A shot of the paint. Because the new paint is super drastically different.

And finally, the beautiful throne, complete with TWO plungers. See yourself in that photo? Hi, Kari! Hi, Kelly! Hi, Shyanne! Hi, Amy! Don't you feel special knowing you have graced the top of my guest toilet for the last six years?!


See, told ya the color change was drastic! Paint big or go home, I say.

New and improved.

View as you enter. No more state flag. I got most of this stuff on the clearance aisle at Target!

Pretty rugs.

No more plungers.

I got this idea from Kelly. Fake flower in a vase held in place with white rice. So cute!

The pretty soap dish set. Not sure how necessary this is, but it was cheap and pretty.

It's kind of busy, but I like it...except for the GOD AWFUL counter top!!!!

And the new towels. These were a steal! Not sure why the lime green ones look so nasty. Probably bad lighting, but I really don't want to go back in there and adjust my aperture. I got the blue and green ones at TJMaxx. Two sets of 6 different towel sizes for $19.99! And then I got the pink and white ones at Burlington (who knew!?). They're actually Tommy Hilfiger towels (say that with a snooty laugh afterward) and they, too, were also a bargain! They look much cuter in person.

So there you have it. Project #1 accomplished. Now what else can I do....

P.S. I am suddenly feeling incredibly lonely. The rain is coming down outside and that usually makes me so happy. But not right now. I'm going to finish this bowl of Rocky Road and get in bed and read some more New Moon. Geez, this sucks.


So, I want another tattoo. And no, this isn't a crazy deployment thing. I've been thinking about getting another one for quite some time now but herein lies the conundrum: I don't know what I want. And I don't know where I want it.

I like, scratch that, LOVE, the one I have now. Should I ruin a good thing? It's located inconspicuously between my shoulder blades and I can cover it whenever I want to, or show it off whenever I want to. Where on earth would I put another one that could provide the same function?

I'm thinking about getting a really pretty, really vibrant sparrow. But then that seems so cliche. I am also thinking of getting a word written on me somewhere...but again, don't know where.


February 25, 2009

"...now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies."

If you've seen He's Just Not That Into You, you picked up on the post title immediately.

Deployments are annoying. Technology is annoying. And this is why:

I check my email.
I check my Facebook.
I check Aaron's Facebook.
I check Myspace.
I check my blog.
I get on Skype.
I get on AIM.
I check the web cam.
I check the mic.
I repeat this pattern at least (AT LEAST) three times in one sitting.

All of this is done in an effort to see if Aaron's been online in the last however many hours since I did this the last time. It's insane!!!! I do it only because I so badly want to have communication with him and our schedules are just totally opposite. It's 9 hours ahead where he is -- not too convenient. I'll take an email, a Facebook message, a Skype convo, anything I can get! It's pathetic, people.

And as Mary says in the movie, "It's exhausting!"

Part of me wishes we could just write letters. Ya know, how they did in the olden days of, uhm, 20 years ago?

you know your husband is deployed when...

...you start painting the guest bathroom eggplant at 9:30 at night and then continue to think of other "home projects" that can be (but really don't need to be) done in an effort to keep your mind focused on something, anything, than him being gone.

I'm just sayin' that's how you might know. That's all.

February 24, 2009

road trippin'

I'm so excited to say that I'll be visiting my old bestie, Meredith, in April. And I'll be visiting Amber in a few weeks. And I'll be visiting Jenn the last week of March.

Does anyone else want a visit from me? lol. (I'm only somewhat joking).

P.S. It's been two days since God performed a miracle -- I say two days because it happened at 3am on Sunday morning. And each day (yes, I know it's only been two) has been progressively better than the one before it. I am so ready to put this thing behind me and move on. Hopefully by this weekend I'll be back to normal Cassandra. I kinda miss her spunk. Sad Cassandra sucks!

February 23, 2009

awestruck i fall to my knees as i humbly proclaim...

...you are amazing, God.

There are no words to convey how amazing our Lord is. Or how powerful prayer can be.

God answered my prayer in the exact way I asked him to. Practically word for word he matched my needs and he delivered me from my situation.

It will take a few days to recover from the massive blow, but there are no more tears. I am choosing to abide in His love to let the healing begin. The situation is remedied and things can only get better from here.

Thank you, Jesus, for answering prayers and loving us incredibly.

February 22, 2009

wind chimes.

So I'm going through this thing right now. A pretty miserable thing. It really needs to get resolved before I lose my mind. One can only not eat, not breathe, not sleep for so long. It needs to get fixed. And only God can do it. Which brings me to my point...

I have been crying out to God (literally) more in the past two days than I have in a long, long time. I went outside this afternoon to get some air -- remember, I can't breathe -- and I sat on the steps of my front porch. The wind was blowing, but the world around me was silent. No cars, no birds, no people -- just the wind and me.

I said a silent prayer, "Jesus, please make it go away. Please make it go away," which turned into an audible, whispered prayer, "Please make it go away, please make it go away." I closed my eyes and thought, "Does He hear me? Does He know how much I am hurting? Can He fix what's wrong?" As soon as I asked, the wind picked up and the chimes on my front porch tinkled three times. No more, no less. Three tinkles. Three words: I love you. Clear as day, the Savior of the world told me He loved me. And yes, that He also heard me.

I closed my eyes and finally exhaled. And in the wind I heard it again, "I love you. I am with you. I hear you when no one else does. I make all things good."

I don't know what His plans are for my situation or how it will turn out or when it will get fixed or IF it will get fixed. I am desperately trying not to worry so much about that but focus instead on the God who loves me enough to say it in the wind.


February 20, 2009

just thinkin'

I watched Spanglish a few weeks ago and the following quote from the movie really struck a chord with me. Why aren't we satisfied with the way we are? I wish society would understand what Christina understands when she says...

American women, I believe, actually feel the same as Hispanic women about weight. A desire for the comfort of fullness. And when that desire is suppressed for style and deprivation allowed to rule, dieting, exercising American women become afraid of everything associated with being curvaceous, such as wantonness, lustfulness, sex, food , motherhood -- all that is best in life.

*Sigh. I want all that is best in life. Why then do I also really want to get rid of these love handles? It just doesn't seem fair that society demands that we NOT enjoy our curves or our womanhood. We were designed to make babies. It's that simple. And when our body doesn't look like that of a 12-year-old boy, we're considered fat. That just doesn't seem quite right in my book.

It also makes me sad that we are afraid to enjoy the things that were intended for us from the very beginning.

February 19, 2009

ain't nothin' better.

I just got done IMing Aaron for about an hour! How fun!

IM takes me back to late high school/early college days. It seems like forever ago.

I logged in to AIM for the first time in YEARS and laughed out loud because my login name is CassandraLynneS. "S" as in Sagan. Talk about dated!! Aaron's name is still the one he had in college. When I first met him, it made sense. Now that we're old and married and practically the same person, his name just makes me laugh.

Ahh, I love it when life brings back good memories. There's just nothing better than IMing your boyfriend. Emoticans and all!

February 18, 2009

February 17, 2009

about aaron.

There's another post below this one! Make sure to check out the new photos on Backflip! :)

1.He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
UFC, the History Channel, or any one of my "girly" shows that he also loves...secretly.

2.You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Ranch or a good vinagarette if they've got it :)

3.What's one food he doesn't like?
Salmon cooked at home. He only likes it when we go out.

4. You go out to eat. What drink does he order?
Water or if he's in fat kid mode, a Coca-Cola. Deliciousness.

5.Where did he go to high school?
Jacksonville High School. Go Falcons! Class of 99!

6. What size shoe does he wear?

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
Jui-jitsu stuff, trash on the floor? hehe .

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Turkey with cheese, just a touch of Miracle Whip.

9. What would he eat every day if he could?
Chocolate and Coke. Everyday. But he doesn't because he's disciplined :)

10. What is his favorite cereal?
The boy's not big on cereal. In fact, I don't remember the last time he ate some. He does like steel cut oatmeal, though.

11. What would he never wear?
Four collars popped

12. What is his favorite sports team?
The Razorbacks...but I think he's slowly becoming a Texas fan. I'm gonna win him over!

13. Who did he vote for?
He didn't.

14. Who is his best friend?
Well that would be me :)

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do?
Criticize him in public. Seriously need to work on that. Why do women do that?!? Word vomit!!!

16. What is his heritage?

17. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind of cake?
Chocolate and vanilla marble. YUM.

18. Did he play sports in high school?
Baseball - hot!

19. What could he spend hours doing?
Watching UFC, hanging out at LDMA, playing XBOx, shooting guns -- geez, I got myself a real man's man.

20. What is one unique talent he has?
He is a master of all things financial. That man has us so squared away with money it's unreal. He is qualified to counsel people on their money woes, as well. That's brilliance. If it weren't for him, I still wouldn't know what a 401K is or a mutual fund or anything. Amazing.

new photos on backflip!

Go check them out here! Make sure you have your speakers turned up. This shoot made me want a son. That's all I'm sayin'.

February 16, 2009

some teasers.

Slide shows from these two shoots will be up on Backflip shortly. Just thought I'd throw some out here for fun. In case you ever wondered, indoor shots are NOT easy with two little wiggle worms!

February 15, 2009

valentine's flowers and a fabulous grocery discovery.

I love my husband and I miss him terribly. I got these flowers from him and they made me cry. So did the card that read, "All the way around this world, I still love you more than anything. Always, Aaron." *sigh. I thought receiving flowers from him two days after he left was especially romantic. I wonder when or how he even placed the order. Sneaky boy.

* Note: The Barnes & Noble bag in the background contains the popular novel, The Shack. I'm interested to see if it's as good as the Today Show claims...I bet it is. The author refers to God as Papa. I mean, that makes me want to cry already.

I also received these flowers from Mom and Dad. They always come through for me. I love that my mom will send care packages and cards and flowers...just because. It's a blessing to have parents who care enough to remember how important those little things are, especially during times like now. Thank you, Mom and Dad.

My Valentine's Day wasn't a complete disaster as I expected it to be. I got the lovely flowers, I woke up early and took photos of baby Ryan (which will be posted on Backflip soon) and I got to spend the evening with Shannon Moran (whose bf is currently in Iraq) and a new friend, Dan, whose pilot wife was away on leave. Dan cooked us an amazing dinner and Shannon added to it with a fruit plate, CAKE, and this amazing cheese spread and bread. WOW. I was so stuffed. Afterward, Chad and Kelly came home from their romantic date and we all played Cranium. You can read all about the ass-whooping here. ;) So yes, Valentine's Day 2009 -- not a bust whatsoever.

On a completely different note, I buckled down and went to the grocery store today. I was intrigued by this box.

They had lots of other "flavors," but this one looked especially appealing for some reason. For the first time in like a week, I cooked dinner. And oh. my. gosh. It was amazing!! Check it out in the skillet. Doesn't that look delicious??

All I had to do was add my own chicken and the whole meal was done in about 20 minutes -- as the box promised. I wish I could remember how much this was, but I know it was DEFINITELY not as much as you would pay for the meal at the restaurant. I will tell you that this dish is amazing and tastes (seriously) like you got carry out from Macaroni Grill. Next time you're craving carbs, GO BUY THIS DINNER!!

I guess that's about it. I'm going to edit some pictures - I had another shoot this morning! - and then head to bed.

The world hasn't stopped yet, although it is quite gray. At least I have flowers and linguine, though.

February 14, 2009

this is fun: finish the statement.

1. My uncle once invited me to stay with him and his common-law wife. He said he'd take me to Disney World and the beach all I wanted. Nice uncle.

2. Never in my life have I sky-dived. And I never will.

3. When I was five I already knew I couldn't do math.

4. High school was a lot of fun looking back on it. I wish I could go back and do some things differently. I wish I had the confidence I have now back then. Boy, that sure would have changed things.

5. I will never forget to visit the gyno. It's pretty automatic once those pills run out.

6. Once I met Cinderella. And she was just as beautiful in real life as she is on film.

7. There’s this boy I know who has the best smile I've ever seen.

8. Once, at a bar, I met the love of my life.

9. By noon, I’m either not awake or I am eating lunch.

10. Last night I hung out with Chad, Kelly, and Shannon and had a wonderful time!

11. If only I had grown up with healthy eating habits.

12. Next time I go to church I will cry during praise & worship because I always do.

13. What worries me most is that I will never adopt a healthy lifestyle and will continue the vicious cycle for my own family.

14. When I turn my head left I see a bookshelf.

15. When I turn my head right I see a bookshelf. This family likes to read.

16. You know I’m lying when I take a deep breath. I am actively trying to slow down my heart rate.

17. What I miss most about the Eighties is being a child. And Kids Incorporated.

18. If I were a character in Shakespeare I’d be one of the fairies from Midsummer Night's Dream. Easily.

19. By this time next year I will hopefully NOT be living in Arkansas. I will be more in love with my Valentine. I will be 27. I will be happy, no matter what.

20. A better name for me would be John Michael. That's what my parents were going to name me if I was a boy. But don't call me that. That would be weird.

21. I have a hard time understanding people who refuse to help themselves financially.

22. If I ever go back to school, I’ll earn a PhD in Journalism. Just to be Dr. Webb.

23. You know I like you if I call you back ;)

24. This one kept messing up for me, so just deleted it. It said something about if you won an award, who would you thank first?

25. Take my advice, never force someone to love you.

February 12, 2009

gone baby gone.

He's officially gone.

No more hugs or kisses or holding hands or heads on shoulders for 4 months.

I slept the day away on purpose. You can't be sad when you're asleep. I took him up the squadron at 5:15 a.m. and he boarded the big blue bus about an hour later. And that was it.


I came back home and stayed in bed from 6:40 a.m. to about 2:30 p.m. I finally got out of bed and made myself two grilled cheese sandwiches and poured myself an ice-cold glass of Dr Pepper. I watched TV for hours. Got on the Internet a little. Made mac and cheese for dinner (my tummy is not going to like me) and watched more TV. Riveting.

Not sure what else to say. It just sucks. And that's about all there is to it. I miss him. I am thankful for good friends and parents who have checked up on me, though. I am even more thankful that I have plans tomorrow afternoon that will force me to take a shower and get out of this house. I totally have the potential to turn into a complete zombie when he's gone. I don't even shower or wash the dishes. I figure there's not much point to it all. I'm trying not to let myself "go there" this time. I made myself clean the kitchen tonight and I WILL get up tomorrow and re-join civilization.

I won't apologize for how I was today, though. I deserve to sleep all day and eat cheese with every meal. My soul-mate is away at a stupid, stupid war for not the first time, not the second time, but the THIRD time. And if I wanna stay in my pjs all day, I can.

Here are some pictures to depress you :)

The house is always in shambles days before he deploys. Stuff everywhere. He's a shot of our guest bedroom. The mess used to bother me a lot. Now, I really don't care anymore.

All the stuff that wouldn't fit in his luggage. Ignore the Depends box. No, we are not Depends users. Total cost to ship all that stuff? $51.24. Deployments are not cheap.

These are his old BDUs. I asked him, "Are you taking these with you?" He said, "No, we don't wear those kind anymore." One of us could have picked them up off the floor but...why?

The boy loves marble cake so I made him one yesterday. Note the toothpick hole in the center. Done!

I have the greatest mom in the world. She sent me a HUGE care package and this is just a glimpse of what was in it.

His carry on luggage. I snuck in a Valentine's card and chocolates. Too bad he saw them before he left! Oh well, I tried!

Again, more mess. The bathroom before he packed his bathroom stuff.

Perhaps the most depressing: where he sleeps.

It was really early. Too early.

One last egg plate left for me on the counter. This probably seems silly, but if you know my husband, this is so definably him. Aaron and his eggs.

This makes me particularly sad. His eyes just look so tired. :(

My handsome man.

He may be deploying and it may be 5 in the morning, but he is still h-o-t.

And finally, the bus that took him away.

That's enough now.

February 11, 2009

what's to say that hasn't already been said?

Aaron deploys tomorrow for 4 months for the third time since we've been stationed at Little Rock.

After he gets back from this one, he will have spent a whole YEAR away from home. Awesome.

So today's our last together. I guess I better get to enjoying it.


February 8, 2009

and a wonderful weekend it was!

I am far too tired to post about the weekend in all its entirety, but I will tell you that it was by far the best mini-vacation Aaron and I have ever taken.

It included all of the following (I'll have pictures later):
  • A nice car ride both there and back
  • Valet parking
  • Dinner alone in a quiet corner booth
  • The movie He's Just Not That Into You -- which was FAB, by the way!
  • Wonderful nights' sleeps (sleeps??)
  • An amazing pancake breakfast
  • Horse races and a punch in the jaw (which I captured entirely on camera - more about that later)
  • Corned beef sandwiches
  • A 40-minute couple's massage
  • Dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant where a piano player serenaded us. Best lines from dinner included me saying, "Well, happy Valentine's Day!" and Aaron replying, "Happy I miss you already." W-O-W.
  • A leisurely stroll back to the hotel from dinner holding hands the whole way :)
  • Starbucks in the morning
  • An afternoon of lunch-eating and shopping
Seriously -- it was phenomenal.

I have some of the more "artsy" pictures up on Backflip if you care to take a gander. I put down the camera on the second day because I just wanted to take it all in. Ya know, live in the moment.

I believe I cried out of utter happiness/blessedness about three times. I'd say it was a success, no?

OK, here's one pictures. See the bangs? Elvira!!

February 6, 2009

a very good day consists of the following:

  • Working out early in the morning. Feeling the burn in your legs. Sweat dripping off the ends of your hair. Knowing that fat is just melting off your body!
  • Getting a White Chocolate Mocha before running errands.
  • Getting really pretty stamps at the post office for a BFFs baby shower.
  • Getting a manicure and having your nails painted "Strawberry Margarita" (yum!) and then buying the nail polish afterward.
  • Meeting a really nice lady at the nail salon and talking about Johnny Cash while watching Jeopardy.
  • Going to a new and fantastic handbag store and purchasing an amazing flat wallet for $12.
  • Going next door to a consignment shop and getting a fantastic retro blazer, a lace vintage yellow button-up, a shirt from the Express, and a baby blue cardigan all for $20.24.
  • Eating some yummy, cheesy, melty, crunchy Taco Bell because hey, you worked out this morning.
  • Talking to your sweet hubby here and there while he also runs errands of his own.
  • Coming home and emptying out your old D&B knock-off wallet and putting all your junk in your new flat wallet.
  • Meanwhile, admiring your manicure.
  • Packing for a get-away weekend with your husband
  • Leaving in t-minus 3 hours and counting for a wonderful, beautiful drive to Hot Springs.
Life is good, people. Life is good.

February 5, 2009


I never told you about my hair cut.

I got bangs (yet again) and some blonde highlights throughout.

I hadn't been able to enjoy it since Death set in pretty much all week. I got it cut on Friday afternoon and then I got sick that night. Needless to say, it had been pulled back in a nasty, greasy ponytail since then and my bangs were bobby-pinned back out of my face.

I finally, finally got around to fixing it yesterday. Not sure how I feel about it. At certain angles, it looks awesome. But then it kind of looks a tad bit Elvira-ish.

I just can't get comfortable with a middle part and bangs, but a side part with bangs looks seriously early 90s. So, I tease the crown and just kind of wear it with no exact part.

It looked nice yesterday when I headed to Sylvan.

Then, I had a kid (who is one of my faves, by the way) look at me strangely and ask, "What did you do to your hair?" I said, "Oh, I just had this guy cut my hair for me." The student then said, "Did he use a shredder??"

Thanks, Cole. Thanks, a lot.

So that's the hair update. I'm thinking next time I get it cut, I'm getting it CUT CUT. I don't know. I talk a big game about chopping it all off again but I really do love having long hair when I have time to really fix it. You can just do so much more with it.

I am taking my "good" camera with me to Hot Springs this weekend, so you're guaranteed to get some good pictures -- Elvira shredder bangs and all.

February 4, 2009

as expected :)

I am NOT pregnant. I thought I would be sad about that, but I'm not. I woke up yesterday at 7 a.m. to put the dog outside and went straight back to bed. I realized then that if I had a baby, that so could never happen again. I then started hoping that I wasn't pregnant. Doctor called last night and confirmed that I wasn't. And I am glad. 

My blood counts (?) were all normal, for the most part. I'll spare you the details about the urine sample, but it was NOT normal. So...we're not sure what was/is wrong with me, but it is definitely on its way out of my system and I feel a million times better today than I have since Friday night. I'm thinking it was some sort of god-awful food poisoning. Ugh. 

Husband and I are still planning on going out of town this weekend. We were going to go to St. Louis but things are all crazy here with his work/deployment, so we just decided to keep it simple and go to Hot Springs (one hour away vs. six). We are going to get there on Friday, go to dinner and watch He's Just Not That Into You (my choice, of course) and then on Saturday we are going to the horse races! We might sneak in a spa massage that evening, too. Should be a good time. 

In short, there are no babies for the Webbs! :)

February 3, 2009

call me already!!

It's 12:30 and still no word from the doctor. I called up there at 11 am and was told that the doctor has to sign off on all blood work and hasn't yet. So, I need to wait.

This is torture.

I want to know not so much to see if I'm pregant (cuz I really don't think I am), but more to get BACK to the doctor for some anti-biotics to knock whatever this is out of me!

I was feeling fine all morning and then I started feeling terrible about 30 minutes ago. My head feels really heavy, I lose my vision, I get extremely dizzy and weak. What the crap?? I've been eating and holding it all down. I've been drinking fluids. What on earth could this be??

Aaron and I are supposed to go out of town this weekend (on Thursday) for our last weekend together and I swear if I am sick the whole time, I am going to lose it. I just want our last days together to be good ones.

I am so sad.

February 2, 2009

doctor visit.

So, I went to the doctor today. 

I told him my symptoms. It could be hepatitis. It could very well be salmonella. Or it could be that I'm pregnant. Uhhhhhhh...

We did some blood work and he took a urine sample to see if being pregnant is the culprit. Uhhhh...

I really don't think I'm pregnant. I just had my period and I never skip a pill. So unless this is one of those miraculous divine intervention things, I'm not pregnant. Plus, I took a pregnancy test when I got home this afternoon and it was super negative. 

I kind of wish it was pregnancy because then at least I would know what the hell is wrong with me! If I'm not pregnant (I'll know tomorrow morning when he calls) I'm going to have to go back to see what the real problem is. Geez. Could life be any more exciting? 

And I will tell you this -- I'm a little bummed that the home pregnancy test came back negative. 

Just a little bit. 

P.S. Aaron kind of has his hopes up about tomorrow's results, too. It's weird. He said, "I don't want a kid right now, but it really would be kind of cool it if happened this way." I think I feel the same way. Wtf?!

February 1, 2009


Good God, I hope not. 

Although I fit the bill for all the symptoms listed online. A hospital visit just might be necessary. 

This so sucks. 

Sara, if you're reading this, what do doctors do in the event of treating someone with salmonella??
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