June 26, 2009

the story of the diamond earrings.

This is a fairly elaborate story, but I will try to be as concise as possible.

A few weeks before Aaron got home, I was blocked out of our online checking account. I emailed Aaron about this issue and he never wrote me back. Hmmm...

I managed to create a new user name for myself and could therefore access the checking account, but could not pay bills, as all Bill Pays are set up under his user name. This was a problem. However, while looking at recent transactions, I noticed a rather LARGE sum of money was taken from our account via "Phone Transfer." Again, I emailed Aaron about this and heard nothing back.

When Aaron called me a few days later, of course I asked him about the strange activity in our account. He then lowered his voice and told me not to tell anyone the following: That his loadmaster/friend out there in Iraq had gotten into some big trouble with online gambling and the reason for the huge deduction in our account was so that Aaron could lend this guy money to pay off his debt. Aaron told me that all the guys on the crew helped this one individual out and that an allotment had already been created with this guy's paychecks and we would automatically get paid back the money he "loaned" each month.

I was aghast! How dare Aaron hand over all this money to someone with a gambling problem!!! At first I was understanding and kind...but the more I thought about it throughout the day, I was furious! Yes, I fell for the lie hook, line, and sinker.

This was still an issue for me when Aaron got home. We talked about how this friend was going to pay us back, and how much, and how often, etc. Aaron even told me that this friend had to sell his car to pay off this huge debt he accumulated gambling online. Aaron said his friend "hit a really low point" in the deployment. And I believed it all! I swore that if this friend didn't pay us back, Aaron would have to start delivering pizzas to make back all this money he threw away!

So on the night of our anniversary, I was getting all dolled up. Aaron asked me to change my shoes because the ones I was wearing made me taller than him. HAHA. So I walked into our bedroom and he then asked if I could go back into the bathroom. On the counter were the diamond earrings. All he said was, "Cody doesn't have a gambling problem."

I about died!

Of course, I was blown away by the beautiful earrings, but I had believed this lie for so long that it was really hard to get it out of my head. "So he doesn't have a gambling problem," I kept saying. Those stinkers!

Aaron had spent about a month picking out the perfect earrings. He enlisted help from some of the girls over there in Iraq, including one who told him, "She'll love whatever you get." Very true.

And it's true that Cody didn't have a car when we got back. But only because he sold it during the deployment so he could get a BRAND NEW one when he got back! Aaron said he's actually very good with money.

I asked Aaron if he would have given all that money to Cody if he did, indeed, get into trouble with online gambling. My question was answered with a resounding, "Hell no! I'm not stupid!" That's what I thought...

So that's the "short" story behind the diamond earrings. And yes, I can access our online banking now. Butthead.


Tonight, I spent $17.99 of my hard-earned money on this...

It was in the "Teen" section at Barnes & Noble.

Don't judge me.

June 25, 2009

he's home!

These last three days have been AMAZING. Like, mind-blowing amazing. I promise I'll get you all up to speed soon, but right now I'll just post some pictures. I think most of them speak for themselves. Details cometh soon, I promise.

Here are some pictures from our anniversary yesterday. FOUR YEARS! Check out the most amazing anniversary gift of all time...(there's a funny story behind those earrings. I'll share later). For now, I need to marinade some steak because we're headed to the movies! Life is so, so good.

.64 carats, y'all! ;)

June 21, 2009

ready to roll.

I just have a few small things to take care of tomorrow, but for the most part, this castle is ready for its king!

I didn't get to the backyard - as it has been the perpetual thorn in my side - but everything else is looking great! My sweet neighbor friend mowed the front yard for me on Friday and it looks amazing! Why are men so good at that stuff?!

Goodies have been cooked and baked. I spent five hours in the kitchen today! I'd reveal what the goodies are, but Husband might read the blog and I don't wanna ruin the surprise. No worries, I took pictures and I'll post them later ;)

I am praying for no delays or hiccups. But I'm no fool and know that those things happen all the time. So I am mentally preparing myself for any and all "bad news." But I haven't heard anything from the squadron so I'm going to go ahead and say that no news is good news in this case. Let's just hope it stays that way!

Here's to my last night alone! Thank GOD this bullcrap is over!!!!!!


Aaron comes home tomorrow! This is insane!

He'll arrive at the Little Rock airport at and then be bussed to the base, where I am to pick him up. I'd give you times, but I don't think I'm allowed.

Anyway, it kind of stinks that he has to go to the airport first, but I think I'm ok with it since it means he's at least in our state!!!

It's going to be so hot when I pick him up tomorrow. I hope my face doesn't melt and I don't get all stinky/sweaty. Ugh.

I need to clean today and cook some. I feel a tad bit overwhelmed...but in a good way. I purposely slept as late as I could yet I feel like I still have too long of a day to get through.

Tonight will be the last night I go to bed alone. And tomorrow will be the last time I wake up alone. That's good stuff right there.

When I think about all the bad things that happened during the deployment, I get really emotional. I thought about writing a list on here, but I don't think I want to take myself to "that place" today. All I know is that I truly have become a steel magnolia...and I am so ready for a hug from the only person who can make things right again.

Just gotta get through this day...

and a portion of tomorrow.



I retract my previous post.

Apparently, Husband DID send me messages, they were just on Skype -- which was not logged into. Hence, I did not receive said messages.

And now I feel bad. :/

Husband, I love you and I can't wait to see your face! One and a half days to go...feels like a lifetime...but we can do it!

Time to go to bed now...

June 20, 2009

you know what's annoying?

But not really a big deal...just annoying?

When you haven't heard from your hubby in a few days and then you see all of his Facebook action, which doesn't include a message to you.

Why are men so clueless sometimes? I mean, hello! If you're able to get Internet access, shoot me a message! Or something!

I know it's not intentional. Men and women are just wired so differently. Especially this man and woman.

Oh well. Two more days and all this technology nonsense won't matter anymore. Thank God!

June 18, 2009

we're gettin' there.

I am too tired to write a real post right now. But I will say that I have three more days to get through until I see the love of my life again.

Wrapping my head around that is almost too overwhelming.

Tomorrow is work in the morning, grocery shopping, nail salon, and mowing the lawns (maybe).

Saturday is eyebrow wax and professional spray tan (like where an actual human sprays you, not a machine). It's way super expensive, but if they're going to make me look like Edyta from DWTS, I'll pay it...once.

Sunday is cleaning and cooking and baking day.

Monday is He Comes Home Day.

Bring it.

June 15, 2009


One week until Aaron is home. One week from today.

I have so much to do and no clue where to start! What a great feeling, though! I imagine I'll get off my booty after I finish this post and get crackin'!

So, there are times when my husband absolutely drives me crazy and I think, "Seriously? I'm stuck with you forever?" I know that's harsh, but you married folk know what I'm talking about. And then there are times like today where I just can't imagine a lifetime WITHOUT that guy.

Luckily, I got on the computer at just the perfect time to catch him on Skype. He was just about to log off! I would have been so upset if I missed him! But I didn't, so yay for perfect timing!

We talked for about an hour and get this: He is willing to look into doing Hole in the Wall with me! I couldn't believe it!!! He never ceases to surprise me. The fact that he took a vested interest in it and would even WANT to do it with me just makes me so proud that he is my husband. It may not work out that he'll be able to go with work and all, but just the fact that he said he's interested makes my heart melt. (He would be so amazing working with those kids, y'all. I really hope he's able to go with me).

Then to top it off, we got off Skype and he called me! Ah! I feel so spoiled! What a sweet guy. I hadn't heard his voice in quite some time and I felt like an 8th grader, all giggly and nervous. Haha.

I was feeling pretty blah these last two days but talking to him totally motivated me and now I have some pep in my step. Guess it's time to get going on this To Do list, huh?

One week!

June 14, 2009

nada enchilada.

I didn't do anything today!

I mean, it was bad. And sad. And pathetic.

I woke up, made coffee, got on the computer (standard operating procedure).

I watched a lot of TV, cleaned the house for about 20 minutes, then watched more TV.

I worked on my application for Hole in the Wall.

I went to Walmart for some craft supplies and popsicles.

And that was my day.


dresses and hole in the wall.

Tyly - The first part of this post is just for you! Here are the pictures of the dresses I picked up today. I got all these dresses (and some other random stuff, including some lingerie ow! ow!) for only $132! I was lucky that I hit a "30% off all women's apparel" sale today!!

Love this one! I don't even have to wear a bra! It's so light and comfortable and cute!

Same with this one. I just realized these all look way cuter in person than they do in these pictures. But you get the idea. Cotton and comfy!

This one isn't my favorite, but it's cute on. And it was on clearance for $4.00. So, I had to get it. I think it would look nice with some red sandals. Very denim-y.

Love this one! I especially like the back with the wooden ring thingie.

This one is sort of the same style. So flowy and comfortable and again, built-in bras. Enough said.

This one's a bit more sassy. It's tight right under the bust and really accentuates my waist line. I imagine myself wearing this one to dinner and dancing one night in Jamaica...

This one is also much cuter in person. It's a little boobilicious and I almost went with a bigger size. I tend to be a bit more conservative when it comes to "that area," but this is practically a second honeymoon so why not let it all hang out?! ;)

On a way totally different note - which almost doesn't seem appropriate now - I have decided that I want to volunteer some of my time this summer and/or this fall here. An advertisement for Hole in the Wall Camps was on before my DVD tonight and it absolutely compelled me to look into it further. I almost feel led, (called, if you will) to do this. I cannot imagine anything more worthwhile.

I have emailed the coordinators and we'll see what they say! I chose the camp in North Carolina because it's the closest AND something about it is just pulling me there. Sure, going to one of these camps in Italy or Ireland would be amazing, but...I want to do something that's not about me for once. I'm really excited about this opportunity and I hope I can be a part of this organization very soon.

June 13, 2009

black rain cloud.


the latest word is that Aaron won't be getting home until the 22nd.

It's only a few days difference, but every day seems like a lifetime at this point.

I'm ok with this. I guess I've kind of gotten used to things changing. I think in the last few days I've sort of expected to hear something like this. Weird.

The good news is that I finally got in touch with my man! We talked on Skype today for a good while and I so needed that. Although he gave me some bad news, I am happy to have just been able to get in touch. Thank goodness I was online!

Two days after he gets back is our 4-year anniversary. Talk about an awesome anniversary gift!

So...we have to wait longer than we expected. But we'll get through this like we get through everything. One day at a time.

This sucks. I guess I'm gonna go take a shower and wash this yuck off of me and then proceed to do the things that always help my mood: go shopping and bake.

P.S. Someone should either write a book or do an intensive study on the psychology behind deployments. It is some fascinating stuff and it's mind-blowing how we military folk don't go crazy with all this up and down of emotions. Or do we? Haha.

June 12, 2009

friday stuff.

I spent the majority of the day cleaning our home office. I wish I took "before" pictures because the "after" is fabulous! I don't think it's ever been this clean! I gotta say, I'm proud of myself. Today was supposed to be "clean the cars" day but the monsoon that swept into Arkansas this afternoon sorta changed my plans.

Still don't know when Aaron's coming home. Sure wish he'd call or email. Don't know what's up with that boy. Guess he'll call when he's in Little Rock because he'll need a ride home?! ;)

I had a pretty good day, I suppose. I went and worked for the three boys of mine. I was blessed beyond words when I walked into the nursery to check on baby Andrew and he was konked out! Mouth open, drool, face pressed to the bed with his little bootie raised high in the air like only little kids can do. Oh, it was the cutest thing on Earth. I went to grab my phone, but as soon as I walked back in the room, he moved positions! Ah well, a mental Polaroid will have to do.

That's about all, folks. Not much goin' on these days. Just waiting on a man...

June 11, 2009

do you ever...

have so much to do that it's so overwhelming that you end up doing nothing at all (and sleeping on the couch in the middle of the day for 3 hours)?

Or is that just me?

I am so tired today! I didn't sleep well at all last night and then I had to wake up at 6am and go work for the kids. Afterward, I went to the gym and ran. I thought I'd come home and do some home projects/Shred, but I ended up crashing out on the couch!

I wish SYTYCD would come on now so I could go to bed when it's over. I am beat! And yet I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished today.

Ah well. I'm a procrastinator anyway. I'll get all this stuff done before Aaron comes back. I think I'm sub-consciously saving it all for this weekend because I have zero plans. Yeah, that's it.

June 10, 2009

what's on my mind?

  • Does anyone even read or write blogs anymore? I'm not feeling the love lately. Maybe it's because all my posts are boring. Who knows.
  • Still not sure when Aaron is coming home. This is driving me crazy. They move out of their trailers tomorrow and into tents - which is usually the signal that they're leaving soon - but we've been hearing all these weird dates and rumors, so no one really knows what's going on. I feel like I have more days to prepare (given the rumors)...but then I feel that I don't (because I don't wanna believe the rumors). Ugh! I've been praying that he'll be home by the 16th. I don't know why, that's just the magic number I have in my head. Can you pray for the 16th, too? Aaron thinks I'm crazy for being so specific in my prayers, but if anyone can bring this ship (plane) home by the 16th it's the Lord of the universe. And God's been so faithful this deployment. Why would it stop now? Sometimes I feel foolish for asking for things so specifically, but man...when they come to pass, how amazing it is to give God the glory for meeting our needs in the precise way we desire. I would just like Him to prove me right - that you CAN believe and things DO happen the way your heart needs them to.
  • Sometimes I wish my husband was more romantic. (Sorry, honey, if you're reading this...but I don't think you are because the tents don't have Internet!) I guess that's every woman's wish, huh? I just get really jealous of some husbands who seem so doting and affectionate. I know it's hard to be "romantic" from a million miles away but there are things he could do. There are definitely things. Sometimes I get down because I don't ever receive those things. He's a great husband, don't get me wrong. I just...I don't know. Haha, maybe I should pray ;)
  • I'm super hormonal right now. Yay PMS. The Ne-Yo dance on SYTYCD tonight made me bawl. I mean, BAWL. I love that song and then the concept and choreography was just so...compelling. Plus, I hate the fact that Aaron is missing this show with me. Yes, he likes it. And yes, that makes him fabulous in my book.
  • I decided to sell the wedding dress. If it doesn't sell in about three weeks, the thrift shop will donate it to a charity anyway. So...I feel sort of like a sleaze ball, but not really. I think my neighbor just wanted it out of her house. I don't think she'd care if I set it on fire.
  • I am waking up bright and early tomorrow to take care of my three little boys I've been watching since January. I am kind of sad to see them go - they move away in two weeks. They bring me a lot of joy and nothing, I mean NOTHING, compares to the way they look at me with those big brown eyes when I sing them the Cuppycake Song.
  • Have you ever tried Sugar Free Popsicles and Creamsicles? They're amazing.
  • I ate way too much junk today. I guess it's because of the PMS. I need to run, like, for an hour tomorrow. Or something.
  • I am stalling going to bed because I'm not really tired and I'm afraid I'm going to lay there forever. I hate that.
  • I have so much on my mind that I feel like my head is going to explode.
The 16th. It will happen. And it will be wonderful. And if it doesn't happen, it will still be wonderful. And I don't think I'll look like a fool if it doesn't happen. Hopefully, I'll just look like someone who really loves her husband...and really believes in the power of prayer. We shall see.

June 9, 2009

wishing i could put deployments in a choke-hold.

Well, I'm annoyed.

I'm not sure how much I can say on the blog, so I'll be vague. Basically, I heard through the grapevine today that Aaron may not get home as soon as I thought.

I am hopeful that this new plan will change. They always change, anyway. Keeping him there for how long they want to keep him is just ridiculous, especially given the fact that the relief crews were sent out tonight! Looking at the calendar, it just doesn't make any damn sense.

I could scream...I cried a little.

But I am trying to stay positive and hope in the fact that the AF's plans always change...so...pray for a change! Claim it! Say it out loud! He will be home in a week!

I wanna karate-chop deployments in the face.

a moral dilemma.

Our next door neighbor went through an awful divorce and has since moved away to another state.

Before she left, she was cleaning out her house and came across her wedding dress and veil. She said she didn't want it anymore and if I would take it off her hands. I didn't know what I would do with it, but I took it off her hands because I felt bad.

So, I've been cleaning out our guest bedroom and found the dress. Here's the dilemma: Would it be okay for me to re-sell this dress at a consignment shop? I am currently tagging old clothes to sell them at the base thrift shop and this dress...well, it's just hanging there. The price tag says $380 for the dress and $80 for the veil. And no, the price tags aren't attached to the dress; they're both inside the dress bag.

If I DO decide to sell the dress, what should I price it? Or is this all just moralistically absurd? She said she didn't care what I did with the dress...but...something doesn't sit right. I could sell it at the thrift shop and someone could get a nice dress for super cheap and I could make a profit...or I could give it to Goodwill, but I'd hate to think they'd charge the full $380 and then NO ONE would buy it...or maybe they would. AGHH!!! Dilemma!

Advice? Suggestions?

June 8, 2009

nothing like being home.

Atlanta was a blast - as usual - but I am SO GLAD I am home! And I am double glad that I booked a pretty early flight so I could enjoy most of the day in my own house.

With that being said, I am going to plop myself on the couch and do nothing. I am exhausted from all the fun this weekend!

P.S. Everyone must go see the movie Up. It's the best thing, ever. I laughed, I cried. It made me love my husband more. Go see it. Now.

Ellie: Do you think anyone can join this club?

Carl: uh...um..

Ellie: You're in!

Ellie: "It's like America...but South!"

Ellie: I ripped this right out of a library book!
Carl: *gasp*

Dug: "I was hiding under your porch because I love you."

Russell (talking about how he used to count blue and red cars with his now-absent father): "I know it probably seems boring to you, but it's the boring stuff that I seem to remember the most."

June 7, 2009

the most fabulous news.

I got a text from my friend Shannon the day I got to Atlanta. She told me that Aaron's replacements are leaving on the 9th! That's Tuesday, people!

Unfortunately, Shannon's husband is one of the replacements, so although that stinks for her (boo), I am elated knowing that Aaron is coming home in about a week! A WEEK!!!!

Th new guys will leave on the 9th and then there will be a couple days of transition time and before we know it, Aaron will be on that plane home! 

I'd be surprised if he's not home by next Monday or Tuesday. 

Such fabulous news. I couldn't be more happy. I had prayed that God would bring him home early. Looks like The Big Guy came through again. Amazing. 

June 3, 2009


Read post below this one, too. :)

I am: a flower quickly fading?
I think: therefore, I am.
I know: there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I want: to hug my sweet husband and kiss his face.
I have: all I need and more importantly, all I want.
I wish: that my Dad would come home from the hospital.
I hate: wet toilet seats.
I miss: childhood.
I fear: cockroaches.
I feel: everything. it's ridiculous.
I hear: the air conditioner.
I smell: perfume.
I crave: pasta and chocolate cupcakes. constantly.
I search: for good deals.
I wonder: when my husband will be home.
I regret: hardly anything.
I love: my family.
I ache: in my back, almost every day.
I care: about my friends and family.
I always: lock the doors at night.
I am not: quiet.
I believe: the children are our future...sorry. Had to.
I dance: a little each day. It's the best thing, easily.
I sing: because I'm happy.
I don’t always: tame my tongue.
I fight: ugly. I'm a terrible fighter. I will make you feel rotten. I'm mean. And I don't like it.
I write: I blog.
I win: at Cranium. Every time.
I lose: my mind on deployments ;)
I never: will sky dive. Never.
I confuse: numbers. Math is hard for me.
I listen: to the rain. Every time it rains, I turn off the TV and just listen...
I can usually be found: with my husband and/or wearing a tank top.
I am scared: of cockroaches...didn't we already cover this?
I need: my man's undivided attention. I'm needy ;)
I am happy about: Aaron coming home soon.

Read post below, too.

georgia-bound and other things.

I love Georgia so much that I kinda wanna name my future daughter that. Or future girl puppy. Whichever one comes first.

I am Atlanta-bound tomorrow morning for 4.5 glorious days with my BFF in the city where the playas play. We have an action-packed weekend planned! Friday we're going to the water park with the two girlies that she nannies for (they are so stinkin' cute) and then Friday night, it's a BBQ at her friend's house. Saturday night is a wedding for two of her friends from church and then following the wedding, is festivities in downtown/midtown Atlanta. I can't wait!

On a different note, my Dad is STILL in the hospital! They try removing the breathing thing and he does well for about an hour, but then he needs it hooked up again. This sucks!!! I just want him to be healthy enough to come home! Enough already. Keep praying!

My husband comes home soon. Like, very soon. This is beyond exhilerating news for me. We still don't have a date -- and won't, of course, until like, two days before, but at least the ball is rolling! He has done his medical outprocessing and plans are being made for his replacements. YAY!!!!! Twoish more weeks...aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

I have gotten a lot of compliments here lately from various people and I gotta tell ya - it's making me feel SO GOOD! It's been a LONG TIME since I've gotten a compliment on how I looked. A woman at Sylvan today asked me if I had lost some weight. "Why yes I have!!!!" I'm not saying this to sound conceited. It's just NICE when all of one's hard work actually pays off! I'm gonna kick it into high gear once I get back from Atlanta. Gotta look good in that bathing suit for Jamaica! :)

I have claimed joy and happiness for my life until my husband gets back. I have verbalized it and in doing so, would like to believe that I've made it real. I get so bogged down and have such a stanky attitude sometimes because of the frustration that goes with deployments. I wanna quit that. I want positivity and joy and light in my life, despite Aaron being gone. I want an inward peace, a confidence, a perspective that sees life as good. Because really, it is.

Oh, and So You Think You Can Tonight tonight made me cry. So did the Dogtown commercial! I must find out if I have the National Geographic Channel!

June 2, 2009

never met a sam i didn't like.

This afternoon at work, I was tutoring a little boy named Sam.

We got to talking about how old we are (he's 11). He guessed I was in my 20s...or 30s.

I said, "20s."

He said, "28?"

"Younger," I said.

"26?" he asked.

"You got it," I said.

"You don't look that old," he said.

"Thanks, Sam."

"Plus, you're tall...and thin," he said.

"You're my new favorite student, Sam."

June 1, 2009


It's June! The month I've been waiting for! Hallelujah!!!!!

It's Aaron's Official Coming Home Month. Not sure what day he'll be back, probably around the 20th (although I'm hoping it's earlier than that).

Ugh, the waiting is killing me! It's torture, I tell ya! We're so close...but still so far!


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