October 31, 2009

change in plans.

Aaron is supposed to be coming home this evening. I say "supposed to" because you just never know with those planes.

I was able to sleep a lot last night and woke up in a much better mood. I've decided that we ARE going to celebrate Halloween, goshdarnit.

I've opted to stay inside tonight and have a movie marathon with lots of good Halloween treats. Since Aaron and I don't do scary movies all that well (we're both big babies), I'm thinking a lineup of the following: Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Addams Family, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Shining, and Interview with the Vampire. I'll have to see which ones I can get from Walmart or a rental place last minute.

On the menu? Super easy Halloween food since, well, it's 2:17pm.

Edible Eyeballs, Mummy Dogs (so cute), Dirt N Worms (a classic), Crunchy Corn, and a good old-fashioned bowl of candy should do the job.

So here's to Halloween, darnit!

Now let's just hope he gets home...

October 30, 2009

clare and i speak the same language.

"I suddenly began to see babies everywhere; a sneezing red-haired girl in a sunbonnet at the A&P; a tiny staring Chinese boy, son of the owners, in the Golden Wok (home of wonderful vegetarian eggrolls); a sleeping almost bald baby at a Batman movie. In a fitting room in a JCPenney a very trusting woman actually let me hold her three-month-old daughter; it was all I could do to continue sitting in that pink-beige vinyl chair and not spring up and run madly away hugging that tiny soft being to my breasts.

My body wanted a baby. I felt empty and I wanted to be full. I wanted someone to love who would stay: stay and be there, always. And I wanted Henry to be in this child, so that when he was gone he wouldn't be entirely gone, there would be a bit of him with me...insurance, in case of fire, flood, act of God."

Clare, from The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

It's official: The Webb's are no longer on birth control.

I figured I should let the cat out of the bag, seeing as how I posted on Chelsey's BG post that I was no longer on birth control. I could have lied to her, you know. So there it is. Operation-Make-A-Baby-Webb is in full effect!

the halloween that wasn't.

Tomorrow is Halloween and I'm not sure I'm doing one darn thing to celebrate. My chronic holiday lackluster is due to the following:
  • Pure laziness. All decorative items are in the storage unit and/or attic and I just don't wanna.
  • The weather. It has rained nearly every day of this month. That kind of weather makes me not want to do anything at all.
  • Hectic work schedules. Mostly for Aaron, but for me, too. Lots of photography shoots (yay!) and the coffee shop. Takes up more time than I thought...but it's still good.
  • I'm old and really shouldn't eat Halloween candy, so I'm abstaining entirely.
  • I have no kids and dressing myself up doesn't sound nearly as fun as holding sticky hands with my very own Tinkerbell or mini-fighter pilot.
  • Personal problems on the home front have put me in a rut. I'm sure you can tell by the overall tone of my blog lately. And when I say personal problems, I am only referring to my sick Daddy and stressed-out mama. Life, otherwise, is blissful. It really is. But the illness stuff. It's really taking its toll.
So, yeah. I'm ashamed of my apathy, but Halloween 2009 is just gonna have to pass us by. Maybe next year...

P.S. Thanksgiving, however, will be celebrated. As will Christmas. I just need to get out of this funk...and get to the storage unit.

October 28, 2009

ok, seriously. hair pictures. for real.

Does anyone even still care about my hair?!?! LOL. Click here to see new pictures. Yay.

abundant girl time = over-rated.

Husband is gone...again. He left this morning for a however-long trip to Newfoundland. Seriously?!?!

I like girl time and all, but this is getting ridiculous.

P.S. I realized that the picture below doesn't do my haircut justice. I am going to take some pictures today before I head out to work.

October 26, 2009

a sort-of hair picture.

Just so you get an idea...I think it had fallen rather flat by this point in the evening. I'll have better ones soon.

P.S. Kelly, like the dress? I found it! ;)

home is where the heart is.

It feels so good to be home!

My sexy husband was waiting for me at the airport last night with a dozen roses. What a sweet guy. I think we both decided that this being-apart-when-we-don't-really-have-to thing really kinda stinks. Never again!

I have oodles upon oodles of pictures to edit this week. I am going to be a busy girl...but a happy busy girl. Today is my "regrouping day." I need to run a few errands and just sort of piece things back together. This weekend was a whirlwind!!

Oh, and yeah, I do realize that I still need to post some hair pictures. My hair is just so dark right now that I don't think you'd be able to see the cut that well...but once I actually TAKE a picture of myself, I will be sure to post it. I promise.

Aaron was sort of shocked when he saw my hair. He said, "You look like old Cass." (We met when I had super short hair). I like that. It makes me feel sassy. He kept touching it last night and saying, "It's all gone..." Indeed, it is.

That's all for now. Time to go renew my ID card on the base. Excitement!

P.S. I have gained a crap ton of weight in the last month. Tyly, seriously. I need a partner in this. Can we please wage war against the poundage and get back on track together!? I can't do it alone!

October 25, 2009


My weekend in Del Rio has been amazing, but I am ready to be home. I miss my husband so much!

Every bone and muscle in my body is aching. I'm just not that young anymore!

A rundown of the events since Thursday:

Thursday: Bachelorette Party that lasts until 4am. I mean, really.
Friday: Photo shoot at noon. Pedicure at 2pm. Rehearsal at 5pm. Dinner at 7pm. Home by 11pm.
Saturday: Lunch with friends at 11am. Hair and makeup at 4pm. Pre-wedding pictures at 4:30pm. Wedding ceremony at 6pm. Don't get home until 2am.


It's been great and the wedding last night was just beautiful. I can't wait to upload and edit pictures. But I miss my husband...and I think he misses me, too. ;)

Arkansas bound in t-minus 4 hours and counting. It's been real, Texas, but it's time to get back to reality!

October 20, 2009

online book club?

I am thinking about doing the Real Simple magazine No-Obligations book club. How cool! You should join, too!

It looks like The Art of Racing in the Rain is the number one contender for November's book choice. I just called the library to pull it for me :)

October 18, 2009

while the cat is away, the mice will...be dull.

Aaron left for Las Vegas this morning. Big, fat boo.

He left our house at 5am-ish and I regret not getting up with him. I'm bummed out! He'll only be there until Thursday, but I leave on Thursday to go to Del Rio for a wedding. I guess we'll slap high-fives out the front door?

This means I will be sans husband for a week. Me no likey. Del Rio will be a blast, though. So, at least I have that to look forward to. It's these 4 days in Arkansas alone that are going to be oh-so-exhilerating.

I've decided I'll spend this time catching up on things I need/want to do. On the agenda?
  • Shopping. I need, desperately need, some new Fall dresses, some Fall-appropriate leggings/tights, some riding boots, and some super skinny jeans. Yup. I need them.
  • Editing photos. I had two shoots yesterday and I plan on working on those images today. This always makes me nervous.
  • Cleaning out the closet. In order to make room for new Fall clothing, I must clean out the Black Hole. It's gotten quite out of hand.
  • Catching up with the DVR. This is a must.
  • Continuing to work on my display for my Holiday Bazaar booth. My first booth! How exciting!
And of course, there's work in-between those fun things and household chores. You should see our kitchen...yikes! Ever noticed how when you cook with onions, the whole house SMELLS like onions for like, three days!?

Oh, I am getting my hair cut tomorrow afternoon. Yes, again. This time I'm getting this look, that can also be worn like this (but I want the bob to be just a tad longer than hers). I like this a lot. I had super short hair in college and although most people hated it and scolded me for cutting off 18 inches of hair (I donated it), I LOVED it! It is sooooo easy to manage and I am looking forward to not spending 30 minutes blow-drying it everyday. Freedom!

So, there ya have it. An update.

October 15, 2009

cassandra lately.

Is anyone else feeling the lack of bloggage lately? I can't get motivated to write much these days. Mostly because there isn't a whole lot going on worth writing about. But I'll try...

The balloon boy story today infuriates me. The coverage was so sensational and didn't make much sense. I watched a balloon fly through the air for an hour and kept thinking, "How is it possible for a child to be inside of that?" I had a feeling he was never in the balloon and sure enough, I was right. What a stupid story and a waste of time. What does this say for the news media? There were no solid facts to begin with and they totally reeled us in, claiming that a child was on board. I watched because I was scared...and then I realized that none of this made sense. MSN even brought a doctor to the panel to talk about how worried he was that Falcon could be inhaling helium...I mean, really. What has the news become!? Oh, and the family? Well, my opinion of them is unsuitable for the readers of this blog ;)

Backflip has been keeping me busy lately. I have two shoots scheduled for this Saturday and then two more next weekend, including a wedding in Del Rio! I am so excited!

Aaron's schedule has been CRAZY which, I think, is to blame for the recent feelings of "blah" we are both experiencing. It's thrown us off of the schedule we like and has made us sort of grumpy. Haha. It did feel for a while that things were spinning out of control. I finally claimed that I was taking my life back and have spent some of this week doing things that I LIKE to do...cook, paint, watch my shows, etc. It seemed for a few weeks there we did nothing but work and sleep. That's no way to live!

Speaking of living, Aaron is going to LAS VEGAS without me (for work). I am so stinkin' jealous. I have wanted us to go to Vegas together for a year or so and now he gets to go on the government's dime. When I was a kid, my parents and I went to Vegas twice and I loved it. I can only image now how fun it would be as an adult! What's most unfortunate about all this is the day he gets home is the same day I leave for Del Rio. Annoying!

Things at the coffee shop are still going great. I enjoy working there.

Other than what I've mentioned, there's not a whole lotta news to report. Maybe I should conjure up some grand scheme like sending my dog off in a space ship only to reveal later that he was in the backyard the whole time...maybe that would make for an interesting blog post.

October 11, 2009

i got snuggied!

Ever since Tyly's post, I've been talking about getting/wanting a Snuggie.

Aaron went to run some errands and came home quickly only to leave again. I was in the office when he left. I needed to go to the restroom, so I made my way to the bedroom and was stopped dead in my tracks at this sight:

A Snuggie and two chocolate bars from a school sale ('cuz I once told him the fundraiser chocolate was my favorite).

What a sweet guy I have!

He apologized for the blueness of my Snuggie. He said that was the only color they had. I told him I'll get the leopard print one and he can have my blue one. We tried sharing it this evening - it didn't really work.

I do indeed like the Snuggie. But let's be honest: You could totally put your bathrobe on backward and get the same effect...she types from the snugginess of her blue Snuggie...

October 10, 2009

date night!

Man, do we need one!

I am sooooo excited about tonight! Dinner with my main squeeze and then going to The Rep to see the Second City Comedy Tour. Ah, I can't wait!

October 6, 2009


There's all these little things I could write about, but I just don't have the motivation. I feel like I am entering a new season in my life and it's a weird one. Not great, not tragic, but sort of hazy, sort of blah.

I'll get over it, as I always do.

A hazy season or perhaps just PMS...


October 5, 2009


Not in the blogging mood, per se, but here's my feeble attempt at an update:
  • The visit to see my Dad in San Antonio was good. Fast and furious, but good. He seemed stronger than before and had more personality this time. It was comforting. His smile upon first seeing Aaron and me was priceless. I think my Mom was pretty happy about the surprise visit, too. I could go into more detail, but all of this just exhausts me...and it's already a blah day enough.
  • I did manage to find the Lauren Conrad collection at a Kohl's in San Antonio. I wanted to buy one of everything, but settled on three tops and I love them. In fact, I am wearing this one right now. I plan on buying more online closer to payday. They are SO COMFY.
  • I have Crockpot Enchiladas cooking in the, you guessed it - crockpot - and plan on making some Velveeta + Rotel queso to go with it. Healthy? No. Comforting? Heck yes.
  • Plans tonight include pajamas, dinner, and the DVR.
  • I carry stress in my left shoulder. I could really use a massage.
  • I ordered a banner and a display sign for Backflip Photography. I don't think I've mentioned that I am doing a booth (or have I?) at the LRSC Holiday Bazaar. I am super stoked about this and really hope people sign up for photo sessions!
  • Speaking of photo sessions, I thought I needed a lens for my camera in order to get particular shots I haven't been getting sans lens. I went all the way to North Little Rock today and spoke with a very nice salesman named Jeremy who showed me how to get the effect I want without purchasing a lens. Amazing. Thank you, Jeremy. You saved me a.lot.of.money.
  • I love this kind of weather we're having today - grey and cold. I just wish I didn't have stupid things to do like clean out the fridge and grocery shop in this particular kind of weather. Boo.
  • That's all for now. I'm gonna go see if Reba's on.
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