July 30, 2010

sugar and spice it is!

In case you missed the buzz on Facebook, Baby Webb is a girl!!!

More details later, as I am at work right now and don't want to get yelled at :)

July 28, 2010


Yesterday, my wedding ring(s) fit and my feet didn't hurt. This morning, the wedding ring(s) do not fit on what are suddenly fingers that resemble bratwursts and even my Toms shoes are uncomfortable and currently hanging off my heels while I sit at my desk at work.

Overnight I literally became Balloon Woman.

Do I really have 4 more months of this to endure?

P.S. I started reading Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs on Monday. It is in a word - dumb - but I am enjoying the light read. She goes a little overboard at times and I question the validity of some of her experiences, but I have let out a few hearty "belly laughs" and that's all that matters, I suppose.

July 27, 2010

eh...why not?

Prompted by my friend who did the same thing while she was pregnant with her third daughter, I thought I would try my hand at some old wives' tales and see what they had to say about Baby Webb's gender (see post below). Here we go!

  • Tie your wedding ring onto a string and dangle it over your belly. If it moves in a circle it’s a girl; back and forth, it’s a boy. BOY
  • If your craving salty, sour, or spicy foods, it’s a boy, if you want sweets, it’s a girl. GIRL
  • A Mayan prediction method has you add the age of the mother at conception and the year of conception. Even is a girl, odd is a boy. BOY
  • The Chinese have a chart that determines gender by the mothers age and month of conception. BOY
  • If you have all-day morning sickness or morning sickness that lasts well into the pregnancy, it’s a girl. If you have none, or only a little, it’s a boy. BOY
  • If your feet are colder during the pregnancy than they were before, it’s a boy. The same, it’s a girl. GIRL
  • If you’re carrying high, it’s a girl; low, it’s a boy. BOY
  • If you're carrying weight out front, it's a boy; carrying weight on hips and bottom, it's a girl. BOY
  • Sleeping with your pillow to the south is a girl; sleeping with pillow to the north is a boy. GIRL
  • Hair on your legs growing faster? Boy. Growing at the same rate? Girl. GIRL
  • If Daddy-to-be is also gaining weight, it's a boy. If he's not gaining weight, it's a girl. BOY (Sorry, love)!
Well, there appears to be about a 64% chance that the little one is a boy...but I know these things are all fun and games. We'll find out soon enough! CANNOT WAIT.

quarterback or cheerleader?

We find out the sex of this baby on Friday. I am thrilled beyond belief - and oh-so-anxious!

It is starting to sink in that in a few days, we will know if this little moving object inside of me is a girl or a boy. A real person!

I am scheduled to have my 30-minute ultrasound, where they will look at this little one's brain and bones and heart and everything else important. Pray for us that this baby is healthy and perfect!

I'd like to think that this baby is pretty strong. He/she kicks me every now and then it totally startles me! It also feels pretty huge in there. According to the books, he/she weighs about a pound. According to my scale, however, he/she should weigh about twenty. Ah, my little lead ball. You make me feel engorged!

So...sugar and spice and all things nice, or snips and snails and puppy dog tails? Stay tuned to find out!

P.S. I don't have an inclination one way or the other as to whether this child is male or female. No hunch, no gut feeling, nothing. We refer to the baby as a "him," but realize everytime we say that that "he" could very well be a "she." I have had a few dreams of Baby Webb - and he was always a boy. But I have taken those dreams with a grain of salt, as some dreams I've had in the past 5ish months would scare you to death if they were to be revealed! For what it's worth, EVERYONE thinks it's going to be a boy...so, it's probably a girl :)

July 21, 2010

bless her heart (again) and crumbling teeth.

You might remember a post from a while back where I wrote about the phrase, "Bless her heart." Well, she's back and she made me giggle.

Just thought I'd share her latest email advertisement with you. How many errors can YOU find?





And in case you missed it on Twitter or Facebook yesterday, the back half of one of my molars literally crumbled out of my mouth. I was eating a granola bar and lo, and behold! There was a chunk of my molar in my hand! Gross! The dentist had put a "watch" on that particular tooth a few months ago and he was right! It just fell apart. It already had two fillings in it, so I guess it just had enough. Poor, poor molar.
I scheduled an appointment for 9 August so we'll see what happens. Dentist can't do much since I'm preggers, but I sure would like the back half of my molar back. Isn't it always something?

July 16, 2010


I am 21 weeks pregnant today and have gained 15 pounds since the day I found out.

That's ok, right?




July 15, 2010

who do YOU write like?

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

David Foster Wallace wrote the novel Infinite Jest, which I think my mother owns or has read. Sadly, I hadn't heard of any of his other novels. He is most noted for postmodern literature and hysterical realism which I find, well, hysterical. Perhaps this might be spot on? Sad thing, too, because he hanged himself in 2008. Yikes.

Now, it's your turn: Who do YOU write like? Click here to find out.

July 14, 2010

a new poll!

Please vote in my lastest poll. Thank you! ---->

Also, there's a new post below this one.


We were supposed to find out the sex of this ENORMOUS baby in my tummy on July 23rd. Well, of course, Husband can't be there because he has to fly in an exercise.

So...the date has been pushed back to July 30th. It's only another week, but it feels like an eternity - sort of how it feels when his deployment homecoming date gets pushed back by a week. Patience is not a virtue I possess, y'all.

So, we wait.

I am eager to find out the sex mostly becasue I am so PUMPED to start decorating Baby Webb's room! We have a lot to clean out and organize, as we are moving our home office to the guest room and making the current home office the baby nursery. I haven't bought ONE, SINGLE baby item because I have been waiting for the Team Blue or Team Pink announcement before going buck wild. I have visited several consignment shops in my little town and they are stocked to the ceiling (practically) with the cutest baby clothes that are all in great condition. $3 for a Child's Place adorable onesie? Yes, please!

I'm frustrated. But it's okay.

Plus, with my luck, Baby Webb will have its legs crossed the entire time, anyway.

July 13, 2010


My friend, Hilary, blogs for Little Rock Mamas and her latest post introduced me to groupon.com.

I signed up and have already received two deals!

Super neat! You should check to see if you've got groupon deals available in your area! Oh, and you don't have to pay anything unless the required number of people sign up. Watch the video on Hilary's post for all the info.

Just thought I'd share :)

July 9, 2010

so i never forget.

My lovely friend sent me an email in response to my post about my dad's passing away. I thought I would share it with you all (with her permission, of course). I have also included my reply. I just thought this was nice...and I don't want to forget.

Hey Cass,

I've been trying to figure out how to express what I'm thinking & feeling...I didn't feel like a comment on your blog was appropriate & I also didn't feel like writing about it on my blog was appropriate either.

So I'm emailing you to tell you & I'm hoping I'll be as eloquent with my words as you are so that I don't offend.

I read your post about your dad & it really touched me in a way that I didn't think it would. After I read it I felt comforted & thought, "Wait, that's what we're supposed to be doing for her!" :o)

I always have the most difficult time choosing what words to say when it comes to a loved one dying. I think, "What could I possibly say that would not be what everyone else has already said or that would help in any way?" Especially since I haven't been touched by death like some have. The closest person to me to die was my uncle & even then, being in a military family, I didn't know him that well.

To make a long story short, you've freed me in a way. I hold on to my family very tightly because I'm keenly aware that days aren't guaranteed. I mean, it could be a regular day like any else & all of a sudden I'll think, "What would I do if I couldn't talk to my mom tomorrow??" It takes everything out of me.

I remember you saying once to celebrate the now & not worry about the future. That helped me a lot, but your recent post really hit home. I realized that death doesn't have to be an end, it could be a beginning. It can be anything you want it to be. It can be baseball at sunset or a hike in the mountains. It can be freedom.

My Lovely Friend

My response...

Lovely Friend,

I am keeping this email forever and ever. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your heart with me. I am glad that my story affected you this way. I love your image of a hike in the mountains. I would like to believe our heaven is whatever we want it to be. Death can't be all there is, surely. And if we're wrong for believing that, well, what do we lose? Nothing.

I really do think Dad was in a happy place (I hope) when he took his last breath. He wasn't responsive to us, but his eyes were open in sort of a wide-eyed wonder. What was he thinking about? What was he seeing? He told my mom once that he almost drowned when he was a teenager. He said that your life really does flash before your eyes. I hold onto that and trust that his last moments were full of happy memories. I asked my mom, "What do you think he's thinking about?" She said, "Playing baseball as a little boy." Her thoughts were my own at that point and that's what I told her. I then said, "Well, if you're thinking it, and I'm thinking it, I'm pretty sure he is, too."

Love you, Daddy.

July 8, 2010

the help and going rogue: two reviews in one!

Why did I read it? It was my Book Club's choice for the month but I had also heard rave reviews about this novel. It's in all my magazines as a must-read, so I would have read it anyway, Book Club or not.

First Impressions: I knew I would like this book. It's just so...me. Five pages into it and I was hooked. Bad. I started it on day two of our Jamaica vacation. I finished it on the plane ride home. I read slowly so as not to rush. Does that tell you something, or what?!

Upon reading the first few chapters: I was mesmerized. I felt I made an instant friend with Aibileen. I wanted to know more about Skeeter (and thought the author might be writing about herself), and I couldn't wait to read what Minny would say/do next. Kathryn Stockett made each of our main character's voices distinct. She is a fabulous story-teller and really knows how to suck you in!

I enjoyed: Oh, God. Everything. I loved how Stockett incorporated actual historical events (some not-so-accurate in terms of timing, but who really cares? It's fiction, after all) to really drive home the theme of this book. I loved Aibileen's love for Mae Mobley. I loved learning more about Miss Celia's secrets, I loved the romance that unfolded (sorta) between Skeeter and Stuart. The only thing I didn't like about this book was that it ended.

I did NOT enjoy: That it ended. Additionally, I kept telling my husband that this book was very difficult for me to read, at times. It's not that I didn't enjoy what I was reading. It was just that some of the content was quite disturbing. A lot of what took place made me very, very sad. But I enjoyed reading about it all.

Read this book if: You want to get whisked away to a world in which most of us would be very unfamiliar. Read this book if you enjoy learning about new perspectives. Read this book if you want to laugh, cry, and smile. Read this book if you want to meet three of my new favorite people.

You can check out more about this book and it's author here.

Rating: This is, by far, is the best book I've read all year. I have to give it 4.5 hot lattes out of 5 (with whip cream and cinnamon) only because I thought the ending was too abrupt. I might be a little bitter, though, because the ending meant the book ended. And I hated that.

Switching gears entirely...now onto:

No clue why this text is double-spaced. Sorry.

Why did I read it? My heart really went out to Sarah Palin during the Presidential campaign. While some found her annoying and inept, I found her charming and intriguing. I wanted to read about HER side of the story. I was tired of the media-bashing. I wanted to make up my own mind!

First Impressions: "Wow! This lady is interesting!"

Upon reading the first few chapters: I found myself thoroughly enjoying learning about her background. She truly is, despite one's opinion, a self-made woman. It was nice to learn about from where she came, what made Sarah Sarah.

I enjoyed: Reading about her family and the state of Alaska. I feel enlightened now, where as before, if you had asked me anything about Alaska, I really wouldn't have had a clue. How shameful!

I did NOT enjoy: The conservative Republican rhetoric that flooded the last quarter of the book. And that says a lot coming from me. At times, I found myself rolling my eyes thinking, "Ok, Sarah. We get the point." The first 3/4 of the book was fantastic. I felt, though, after she and McCain lost the campaign, that the book took an ugly (and boring) turn for the worst. I really struggled to get through the last quarter.

Read this book if: You want to hear her side of the story and you want to learn more about this mysterious (and beautiful) woman from the north. Did you know she is a runner and that cigarette smoke makes her incredibly nauseous when she's pregnant? She's a real person, y'all.

Rating: 3 out of 5 lattes.

July 7, 2010

five years together...

I can't believe that I have been married to this man for five years. FIVE years. It's incredible. It gets better every day. How is that possible? I love him so.

See more photos from our five-year anniversary shoot here, if you're so inclined.
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