February 23, 2011

shellac manicure.

So, despite The Pioneer Women's one-upping me on a post about Shellac, I decided to write about MY manicure anyway.

Husband got me a gift certificate to this hoity-toity salon in Little Rock. Instead of getting a spray tan, I opted to try a Shellac manicure. Apparently, it's the "new thing."

$55 dollars later, I had an amazing manicure that I LOVE.

Click here to learn more about Shellac.

Apparently, after posting about it on Facebook, I learned that other salons in my area offer the same service for way cheaper than $55. Thank goodness, too, because this gal cannot afford $55 manicures every two weeks.

I will say that Shellac is worth every penny you spend. It truly does last two weeks and makes your nails hard as...nails (?!)...cement. There is no chipping whatsoever. Next time you want to treat yourself, look into getting Shellac done. You will be VERY pleased! Make sure it's CND Shellac products!

Note: On the CND Shellac website, there is a link to search for salons in your area that offer the service. Call around and get the best price!

February 22, 2011

once you go shellac, you'll never go back.

I finally felt inspired to write a blog post about the Shellac manicure I received almost two weeks ago. Then, I logged on and saw that The Pioneer Woman has a post about...her Shellac manicure.

Why do I feel like she's always one-upping me?

February 20, 2011


My blog is going the way of the dodo bird.

I just don't have much to write about these days other than baby stuff and I SO DON'T want my blog to become an "all-about-my-kid" blog. No offense if you have an "all-about-my-kid" blog, I just don't think that you'll find interesting what I find fascinating. Ya know?

I have debated getting rid of this blog (not without printing it all out first...or something) and then making the switch over to wordpress, where I can password protect certain posts. I think I'd be more apt to blog then. I tend to have lots of juicy things to write about now and again, but I refrain because I'm afraid of who might be reading this public blog.

It's a point of stress for me, this not-posting business. It makes me sad. I've had this thing since 2007. I would hate to see it die.

February 5, 2011

black and yellow black and yellow!

Two words for tomorrow:


February 2, 2011

old man winter.

Can die any time.

Bring me some sunshine!!!

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