June 16, 2011

hodge podge. myriad. stuff.

That last post was annoying me every time I hopped on here to check blogs. So, I changed it to this one.

I don't have much to say. Uhm, bullets, anyone?
  • My last day of bootcamp was this morning. I wrote a little bit about it on Facebook (where I do most of my socializing these days). It feels so good to have completed something I started. Something I loathed!!! I got up at 5 in the morning to do this crap, y'all. But after it was all over, I felt amazing. I shaved off two minutes off my mile run and was able to do more pushups than before and did the wall-sit longer than ANYONE in the class. I could have kept going, but decided anything over 5 minutes would just make me look cocky. I told my instructor that after 20 hours of labor, I could wall sit all day long. Ha! We are having a bootcamp survivor's party tomorrow night in Little Rock and Husband and I plan on making a date night out of it. What a great experience it was! It was definitely the jumpstart I needed to get my fitness back on.
  • I didn't lose any weight throughout the process, but I did lose about 3% body fat and some of my clothes definitely fit a lot better than before. I'd say that's progress! If only I could eat a little better. That's my down fall. I could work out every, single day...but passing up chocolate cake?! No way.
  • I have a job interview tomorrow. Yup. I sure do.
  • The fam and I are headed to Florida soon for a little vacation before Husband leaves for the Weapon's Instructor Course. This course lasts about 5ish months and it will have him bouncing back and forth between here and Las Vegas. It will be trying, but I'll take back and forth over a 5ish month-long deployment, for sure. The best perk? I can attend the graduation ceremony in Vegas in December and we will stay and play a few extra days afterward. Viva Las Vegas!
  • That's about all for now.
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