December 30, 2013

So, my husband has lost 15 pounds...

...and I have lost three.

Like most Americans, one of my goals (again) for this year is to lose some weight and tone up.

Since September, my husband - who is currently deployed - has lost 15 pounds. So, it's time for me to catch up!

I'll be starting soon and will be doing a combination of the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge, as well as eating (mostly) Paleo. I hate that word, by the way...Paleo. I'm so sick of hearing it, but I've eaten on that plan before and I can't deny that it works.

I am supposed to start the AdvoCare challenge on Jan. 1, but my in-laws are in town until Friday and while I love them so much, it is very, very difficult to eat healthy when I have visitors in town.

That being said, I think I can still manage to do the Cleanse Phase of the challenge, in spite of them being here.

As for Paleo eating, I may not be able to start that until next week.

So, there it is. My plan for January.

Wish me luck!

February 6, 2013

i'm facebook official!

Hello, blog world!

If you're so inclined, mosey on over to my official KTXS Facebook page. 

I'd love to have you!
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