January 11, 2014

moving on to the max phase!

I am on Day 11 of my AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge and I am SO PROUD to say that during the Cleanse Phase, I lost SEVEN pounds!!!!

I am currently back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which is laughable because my child is three years old, but hey! I'll take it!

I had my first meal replacement shake this morning. They're really not that bad! I'd like to get all fancy with them and blend with ice, fruit, etc., but who has time for that?

My awesome advisor gave me a variety pack of the shakes instead of just one flavor and most of them look like they'll be yummy, but I'm nervous about the berry flavor. I'm not a big strawberry/berry person. I'll take chocolate-flavored anything over berries any day. I have about 5 Berry packets...so I'm hoping they'll taste good.

Starting weight: 162.8
Current weight: 156

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO thrilled!

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