August 11, 2014

my spark story

If you've landed here it's because I've asked you to read my story. Thank you for clicking. :)

As most of you know, I am wife and mother.

Proof. They're reeeaaaallllly cute. 

When I first tried Spark, I was also a full-time television news reporter for Abilene's ABC affiliate, KTXS News.

More proof. They're all really cute, too. 

I was always feeling drained and that my husband, kid and work were only getting the small parts of me that were leftover...not the best of me. (Let me interject here: Mamas, you hear me. If anyone knows what it's like to feel run ragged, it's you. Can I get an amen? Amen)!

It was then that I got introduced to AdvoCare by a co-worker, who I believe was and is truly a God send (I see you, Lindsay Cash. Love you, girl)!

I started first with AdvoCare's Spark -- a SUGAR FREE drink mix loaded with vitamins and minerals that sharpens your mental focus and gives you the pick-me-up we all need but without the crazy crackhead jitters...and the best part? It's only 45 calories!

I was hooked.

Spark made me perform so much better at home and at work. With this new-found skip in my step, I actually became more confident. I eventually was promoted to interim anchor of our top-rated morning newscast where I served in that position for five months (did I mention my husband was deployed this whole time so not only was I waking up at 3 a.m. Monday through Friday, but I was also pulling double duty at home)?!

I've been using Spark every, single day since then. I got my husband to try it and now he's using it daily, too...which means he's finally off of those 5-hour energy drinks. Yippee!!

Spark truly is this mama's happy juice and I couldn't imagine not having it as part of my daily routine.

I'd love for you to try out this product. If you're wanting more energy, a way to get more vitamins into your system, or you're looking to kick a bad habit (ahem, 5-hour energy drinks, a Diet Coke addiction or those expensive, sugary Starbucks afternoon fixes), now is the time! Why?

Because from RIGHT NOW until Monday, September 1st at 10 p.m., order one box of Spark pouches (14 servings) and receive one raffle entry to win either a free box of Spark -- your flavor of choice -- OR a bottle of Catalyst -- THE HOTTEST item on our Trim line. It's also affectionately known as liposuction in a bottle. Catalyst fuels your workouts, but also defines and tones muscle making you look lean (but not mean)...just super hot. ;)

Want more ways to enter? Order a canister of Spark (42 servings) and get THREE raffle entries. That ups your odds of getting free stuff, yo!

The winner will be announced on Labor Day!

Where do I order? Right here! (Use the drop down arrow to choose your flavor and whether you want the pouches or canister)

Have questions? Send me a Facebook message right here!

Thanks so much for reading my story. Spark up your life! Feel better so you can do better!



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